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Battery life is the maximum amount of energy your battery can store. It is expressed in mAh. Logic, therefore, dictates that the more energy a battery can store, the greater its autonomy and that under equal conditions of use, a 2000 mAh battery will allow you to vape twice as long as a 1000 mAh battery.

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Diving into the world of vaping and any rebuildable atomizer is exhilarating! But it is often difficult to get into the rebuildable or the best AR In 2022. For ease in this article, we will abbreviate the rebuildable atomizer as AR. It is much easier to get lost and not know which AR to choose or wonder which AR for beginners. You still need to know the difference between the different devices available on the vaping market. There are indeed several kinds that we are going to list, but all have the same objective: to produce vapour and vaping comfort for vapers looking for customization and extreme configurations. A bit like overclocking for PC in short?

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Choosing a tank for an electronic cigarette

If you can spend hours choosing a 510 clearomizer or a box, is it also important to choose your electronic cigarette tank? Due to its shape, its colours or its materials, the electronic cigarette tank is now becoming a real plus and thus an added value for your vaper.

Depending on its material and the use made of its rebuildable atomizer, the choice of materials used for its e-cigarette tank becomes important. Whether for its solidity or its high resistance to heat, a wide range of possibilities is offered to you vapers.

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How does e-cigarette work

Under the name “electronic cigarette” are summarized all those devices, e-cigarettes, e-hookahs, and vaporizers, equipped with batteries that heat and vaporize a liquid solution flavoured, containing or not nicotine, to inhale. But how do electronic cigarettes work and what are the most common types?

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If you order premium e-liquid cheap, be careful in Thailand

This is the news from Thailand for those who regularly buy premium e-liquid cheap. Or what users of e-liquid brands, visiting this country as tourists, need to know.

Today we came across a very interesting article, which tells about vaping in Thailand. The fact is that this country is very attractive for tourists, but if you are used to inhaling e-liquid flavors, then flying in this country can bring you trouble, in the worst case you can even go to jail, so that our business is to warn, and you will always make your own conclusions. First, let’s look at the generalized picture that looms around the vapers in the vaping as a whole in Thailand.

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Quality manufacturing of vape flavors diy

Self-mix or even more accurately said experience and understanding of the vape flavors diy method allows you to prepare optimal free vape juice for a specific device, or for a specific flavor.

Liquid is one of the main components of an electronic cigarette, which forms the vapor, inhaled during dragging. To date, this simple composition for vape, including only 4-5 basic e-liquid ingredients, is presented in a very wide range: with different contents of e-liquid nicotine and a variety of taste combinations. What do you need to know about the components of the e-liquid composition?

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Tesla is one of the best Juul competitors

Juul competitorsTesla TI Pod Kit grows by popularity on the market.
With the Tesla TI Pod Kit, this well-known manufacturer and one of the best Juul competitors is launching a particularly compact and lightweight pod system on the market, which is convincing both in terms of design and handling and with extremely good performance. The e-cigarette from Tesla is particularly easy for beginners because the vaporizer does not have to make any settings on this device. Thus, the Tesla TI Pod Kit is ideal for switching from smoking to vaping and permanently as a reliable everyday device, which is produced by one of the best Juul competitors.

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Voopoo continues to promote its Juul compatible pods UK models

Juul compatible pods UKVoopoo continues to promote its Juul compatible pods UK models of Drag series. Their devices are like particles in a hadron collider – collide, forming the energy of popularity, and new devices, this time there is a supercompact sub-system that inherits the design of older models, suitable for nicotine vaping intended to promote to promote the Juul compatible pods UK models. The Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit starter kit has a wow effect, its reason is a solid metal (zinc-aluminum alloy) case, optimal size (like a Zippo lighter), and buttonless control (heating turns on when tightened). There are seven types of acrylic sidewall decoration: crimson tide, trendy blue, foggy blue, turquoise dawn, ink, fiesta, Ceylon yellow, which are optimal to promote its Juul compatible pods UK models.

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