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E-cigarette adjustment: how to adjust your electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or vaper; all these designations designate a device for transforming a liquid called e-liquid into vapour under the effect of heat; which will then be inhaled.

The electronic cigarette replaces, in a way, the traditional cigarette which burns tobacco to produce smoke.

A fairly simple, yet equally effective invention, the e-cigarette was invented by a Chinese in 2003 to substitute nicotine with a less harmful device. The design at that time was different from the electronic cigarette available today.

Components of an electronic cigarette

Over time, the design of e-cigarettes has changed, however they are composed of three main elements:

  • Battery ;
  • The atomizer;
  • Resistance.

The role of the battery is to produce the electric current to heat the resistance. Then, the atomizer is the part containing the resistance as well as the e-liquid. As for the resistance, its role is to transform the liquid into vapour.

There are sub-components of the e-cigarette such as the cotton which soaks the liquid it will then be heated and vaporized and the drip tip where the vapour is directed so that it is inhaled.

How does an e-cigarette work?

No need to be an expert to operate your e-cigarette, just pour the liquid into the tank of the atomizer. Next, make sure the battery is fully charged. Finally, you will have to press the firing button.

This is indeed the way to operate your electronic cigarette, but before that, you have to adjust it.

How to adjust your electronic cigarette?

The adjustment of the electronic cigarette can be done in different ways, we will see this in more detail.

What should we adjust?

First, we adjust the power of the electronic cigarette, this must be done by taking into account these two factors: the value of the resistance and the liquid used.

Indeed, the value of the resistance must be taken into account, because if the power is set to a higher value than that of the resistance, it can give a burnt taste or even degrade the resistance.

The liquid used must also be taken into account, as it may contain flavourings or substances that would withstand the heat to a limited extent.

To adjust the voltage of the electronic cigarette, several modes exist, we will see this in the following.

Setting modes

There are several adjustment modes, here they are:

  • Variable Voltage Mode (VV): it allows for adjusting the voltage, that is to say, the voltage of the electronic mode;
  • Variable Wattage (VW) mode: This allows you to adjust the power according to your needs. This is the most used mode nowadays;
  • Temperature Control Mode (TC or TCR): allows you to adjust the temperature and then save this setting;
  • Bypass mode: as its name suggests, it bypasses the mechanical mode and uses only the electronic mode.

Electronic cigarettes are not all adjustable. There are what are called chipsets, these are small electronic chips, it is these chipsets that determine how many modes can be set on his e-cigarette.

How to use an electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette is not mounted upon purchase.

To assemble your e-cigarette, simply screw the clearomizer or atomizer onto the battery.

Once the cigarette is assembled, the battery needs to be charged. There are two cases for this: a battery previously integrated into your e-cigarette, otherwise, it will be necessary to insert accumulators (batteries).

These are rechargeable and interchangeable batteries once they are worn out. Rechargeable via the USB port where the cigarette can be directly plugged into an outlet.

Once the assembly of the e-cigarette is complete, the liquid in place, the settings developed and the electronic cigarette lit, all that remains is to inhale the smoke.

There are several types of vaping, here are a few:

  • Vaping MTL involves inhaling a thin, tight amount of vapour, called indirect vaping;
  • Capote DL which consists of direct inhalation of the vape is not recommended for beginners because of the quantity of vape inhaled.