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Appeared a few years ago in the world of vaping, pods (or pod mods) are now becoming a must when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Often criticized for their poor performance, these new-type electronic cigarettes created little enthusiasm in the e-cigarette sector. But like any object, the pods have evolved and offer a vape that appeals to more and more vapers, even the most seasoned!

An electronic cigarette to take everywhere

Pods are smaller electronic cigarettes than mods that take up more and more space in your pocket! The pods attract so many vapers thanks to their small size: they can fit in the palm. They work in the same way as a classic electronic cigarette and are sometimes even easier to use. This pocket electronic cigarette is composed of the main part in which we find the battery and on which we find a USB port for recharging and often LEDs to give different information to the user. On this main part comes to fit a magnetic cartridge in which there is a resistance.

The pod is provided with a cartridge which will serve as your reservoir and which is often the owner of your pod model. Depending on the models, the resistors are to be added to the cartridge (as in a clearomiser) or they can be integrated directly into the cartridge. The resistances of these cartridges are often greater than 1 ohm, requiring little power from the pod. These pods are therefore perfect for vaping e-liquids with nicotine salts or CBD. The low power required by the resistance will keep the molecules of nicotine salts or CBD.

The other advantage is also that this low power will lower your consumption of e-liquid and give you longer battery life. But as in the vape, the vapour always attracts more, and the resistances of these cartridges move towards the sub-ohm (fall below 1 ohm) which can go up to 0.5 ohms. Unfortunately, pods often have a limited and relatively low battery life, and since a low resistance requires more power, the battery capacity may melt away like snow in the sun!

Simple hardware in the palm of your hand

The pods are perfect to be the electronic cigarette that accompanies you in your day! Small in size, the pod slips easily into a pocket or purse. The only downside we can find is its autonomy. Its reduced size also reduced the battery. The autonomy of the pods on the market will rarely exceed 1500mAh. But if you don’t buy a pod to make big clouds of vapour, then it can last you all day. The resistors provided are usually around 1 ohm. A resistance that requires little power and therefore uses little battery.

Easy to use, on many pods, you just have to suck to start the heating. Even with this option, the pods keep a switch, which will trigger the heating when pressed. Setting side? No headache with the different menus. Simple LEDs will indicate both your battery level and the power at which you are vaping. And to adjust this power, you just have to press the switch several times.

Ideal for beginners and discover the vape but also as an extra electronic cigarette for more experienced vapers, they’re more than reasonable price is a real asset for the performance offered by the pods. Today, some pods offer very good flavours with a more than comfortable battery life to be able to vape in peace!