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In the vape, we have only one goal: to put an end to the ravages of tobacco. But in this fabulous world, clans exist and two great schools clash. Some swear by atomizers and others can’t bring themselves to do without their clearomizer. Atomizer or clearomizer: what is the difference between these two products? We will try to enlighten you.


Clearomisers have the enormous advantage of being simple and effective. With these, you don’t have to do any complex manipulation. Particularly popular with beginners but also with vapers who only want one thing: to vape, these clearomisers amaze with their ease of use. You fill the tank and your vape. And if the resistance is at the end of its life – peace to its soul! -, you just have to unscrew it to screw in a new one that you have soaked beforehand. It is clear, clean and precise!


However, this system does not convince everyone and many vapers want to be able to do their editing for an even more personalized vaping experience. This is where rebuildable atomizers come in. With these, it is essential to make your resistance using resistive wire and cotton. The assembly is a little more laborious. It requires some knowledge but your patience and attention to detail will be rewarded because the quality of the rendering will surprise you! For the rebuildable, we invite you to consult our guide dedicated to the essential precautions to take.


To sum up, if you don’t want to ask yourself too many questions and if you want an easy-to-live-with material, clearomisers are made for you. On the contrary, if you like to control everything or if you are put off by the price of the consumables necessary for the operation of a clearomizer, you will have to go through the atomizers. Often more aesthetic, the latter offers a superior rendering to clearomisers, both in terms of flavour. But the vape is an environment where technical progress is constant and the superiority of atomizers is less and less true. Some clearomizers are now considered to be equal to atomizers… Clearomizer or atomizer: the choice is yours!