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Many of you are wondering about the warnings that may suddenly appear on your electronic box. Don’t worry, that doesn’t always mean your hardware is faulty! It is most of the time a simple indication to ask you to carry out a particular adjustment.

In order not to be surprised, we recommend that you carefully read and keep the instructions for use of your equipment. In a hurry to discover and test our new toy, we leave aside, or sometimes even throw away, the user manual, which is essential for a good understanding of how the equipment works…

If the error is nevertheless made, we offer you to go around the alert messages displayed by your electronic cigarette about the change of resistance or clearomizer. Because that’s what it’s all about with the message “New coil up sat down” and all its synonyms that we detail below!


  • New coil up same down:

Here is what is displayed when you use the Eleaf iStick Pico TC 75 watts and iStick TC 40 watts in unlock mode and you decide to change the resistance. Either you have chosen a resistor with the same value as the previous one, or you have chosen a resistor with a lower or higher value. In both cases, the box cannot guess it, which is why it asks you to indicate it by displaying New Coil Same Down. If it is the same resistance, you will only have to press the bottom arrow, if it is a new one, you will have to press the top one.

  • New coil? Old/ New or New + / Same -:

You may have already noticed this inscription on the screen of the  Aegis Solo and of all  Geekvape Aegis in general. Don’t panic, as in the previous case, this is simply due to a change in resistance and/or atomizer. All you have to do is click on the + button if you have indeed changed resistance, or on the – button if you have stayed at the same value in ohms.

  • Old Load / New Load:

If you screw a new atomizer on the Vaporesso Gen box, it asks you if it is a new coil by displaying Old Load or New Load, understand “old” or “new”. To confirm that it is indeed a new tank with a new resistance, press + and otherwise -!

  • New / Same:

When you change the atomizer on the Tesla Wye 85-watt box, New-Same is displayed on the screen. It means “new” or “identical”. If the resistor value is the same as the old one, then press the left button, if it’s a new resistor on the right one. Child’s play! This is also the case with the various boxes of the famous Dotmod brand, which also display New-Same. The – button allows you to keep the settings adapted to the previous resistance while the + button will authorize the installation of another resistance