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A  reconstructable atomizer differs from a  regular clearomizer in that it allows you, as its name suggests, to be able to create your coils yourself. Rather than acquiring a new consumable and regularly changing your prefabricated resistor, you can then craft your resistor and change it as often as you wish! To do this, you must first understand how rebuildable atomizers work.


A rebuildable atomizer consists of the same elements as a regular clearomizer, except that the prefabricated resistance is replaced by what is called a mounting plate. Made up of studs (at least one positive pole and one negative pole but in some more complex cases, several), this assembly plate will allow you to reproduce yourself what constitutes the resistance of your clearomizer.


Your ”  assembly ” (this is how your creation is called in vape jargon) is made of cotton and a resistive wire that you simply have to screw on your studs. There are a thousand and one ways to make your coil: some opt for the creation from A to Z, from a coil of resistive wire, and others rather retain the simplicity of prefabricated coils. In both cases, the method is the same: once mounted and stabilized, your coil will accommodate your cotton, which will later be soaked in e-liquid, itself vaporized.


All you have to do then is close your reconstructable atomiser and enjoy your favourite e-liquid, exactly as you would with a regular clearomiser! Of course, making your montages requires certain knowledge (in particular of ohm’s law), dedicated tools (a screwdriver or an allen key at least but we also recommend the use of ceramic head pliers) and finally a little dexterity. But switching to rebuildable is not rocket science. The proof, most vapers succeed after a few unsuccessful attempts!

The gesture that accompanies the manufacture of your coil will even quickly become so simple that you could almost perform it with your eyes closed.