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All About The Battery Of Your Electronic Cigarette

The battery is one of the essential elements of an electronic cigarette. It is she who delivers the electricity necessary to operate the resistance and vaporize the e-liquid. If you have questions about the operation or maintenance of your electronic cigarette battery, we have put together a question-and-answer guide on batteries.

The battery of an electronic cigarette makes it possible to supply the resistance with electronic energy. Thanks to this energy, the resistance will heat the e-liquid and vaporize it. The operation of an electronic cigarette remains quite simple. There are many different models of batteries with more or less significant autonomy. When choosing an e-cigarette, battery life is something to consider.

There is no specific number for how long a battery will last. The lifespan of an electronic cigarette battery is estimated at +/- 350 full charge cycles. With one full charge per day, the battery life is approximately 1 year. To increase the life of your battery and ensure its proper functioning, several tips for maintenance and use are recommended:

  • Store the battery in a dry and ventilated place, with a temperature not exceeding 25°C.
  • Lock the battery during any transport.
  • Do not expose the battery for prolonged periods to temperatures below 0° and above 45°C.
  • Regularly clean the threads of the battery and the clearomiser with a dry cloth.
  • In the event of a fall, do not use the battery if any parts are damaged.
  • Do not disassemble the battery.

On most models, switching on and off is done by 5 quick presses (in less than 2 seconds) on the switch. On some models, such as the POCKET, switching on and off is done using 4 quick presses. You will find on the user manual of your electronic cigarette the number of pressures necessary to start your electronic cigarette.

To recharge an electronic cigarette, use the cable provided in the electronic cigarette kit. Connect the cable to the micro-USB port of your electronic cigarette and the USB port of your computer. Be sure to insert the correct side of the cable and do not force it so as not to damage the electronic cigarette. A few precautions should be taken into account before recharging the battery. If you are using a mains charger, for example, make sure that the maximum charge delivered by the charger does not exceed the charge allowed by the battery. On most models of electronic cigarettes, the maximum possible charge is 1A. If your mains charger is above this value, you risk damaging the battery or even rendering it unusable.