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Electronic cigarettes with nicotine

The electronic cigarette may or may not contain nicotine, more precisely the e-liquids used with the rechargeable e-cigarette. Opponents of this new product primarily point to nicotine as the main culprit.

Nicotine is a substance that induces addiction but in itself, this substance is not carcinogenic. Whether in tobacco or other substitutes, nicotine is still nicotine!

By smoking the tobacco cigarette, the mode of administration of the nicotine is done very quickly. Absorption takes place through the lungs and only after a few seconds does the nicotine reach the brain. In this way, its additive action is strongly accentuated. In addition, its cardiovascular effects are also more intense. By replacing oxygen in the blood, carbon monoxide amplifies the impacts of high amounts of nicotine on the cardiovascular system.

But we must turn away from preconceived ideas about the harmfulness of this substance and remember that its effects on the body are different according to the quantity inhaled and according to the mode of inhalation. Tobacco smoke is absorbed in greater quantity and it is accompanied by more than 4000 other harmful substances besides tar! The nicotine in a substituent acts on its own.

According to the report of the neuro-Pharmacologist, Jacques Le Houezec in 2004, “the nicotine from nicotine substitutes passes slowly into the bloodstream, either transdermally (nicotinic patches), or through the oral mucosa (oral forms of nicotine substitutes: gums chew, tablets, inhaler), in controlled doses, without any peak in cerebral concentration”. And as we have just seen a little higher, in the case of the electronic cigarette, the nicotine is not accompanied by the other toxic products as in the smoke of the ordinary cigarette. As it is absorbed, a smoker’s body rapidly eliminates nicotine. This is how addiction quickly takes place in a heavy smoker.

For the rechargeable electronic cigarette, the way of inhaling nicotine is 100 times less dangerous than smoking a real cigarette. There is no combustion and the nicotine passes through the vaper’s body much more slowly. In addition, with electronic cigarettes, there are 4 levels of nicotine concentration to choose from for e-liquids. The smoker can therefore easily control his consumption and he can gradually reduce the daily quantity of nicotine he inhales to see the end of the use of the “zero nicotine” dosage. Electronic cigarettes allow you to gradually do without nicotine and at the same time get rid of all the imminent or potential dangers of smoking.

However, it should be noted that the use of the electronic cigarette presents, like any product, some constraints. It does not suit everyone. It is not recommended for minors, pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone with cardiovascular and cerebral problems or epileptic or hypertensive people. It no longer needs to be specified that non-smokers should not “vape”. E-liquid bottles, whether with or without nicotine, must be kept out of reach of children even if all bottles already have a safety seal. You should also know that e-liquid is toxic if ingested or in contact with skin and eyes.

As for nicotine itself, its inhalation in high doses or overdose will certainly induce health problems, see more because it will act as a powerful poison.

Given that nicotine is classified as a product of the family of drugs beyond a so-called “normal” concentration, the authorities insist on banning the sale of the rechargeable electronic cigarette, more specifically the free sale of e-liquid bottles. But the irony of the situation is that all other nicotine replacement products are available in pharmacies. Over the counter, a single person can obtain, for example, a certain number of patch boxes at a time, with the highest dose. The same goes for inhalers and gummies. Consumers may very well request more than one at a time. If that person uses ten or 15 patches all at once, who could stop them? If the pharmacy customer used 10 inhalers in a single hour…neither seen nor known!

So, wondering if the nicotine from electronic cigarettes is as bad as the nicotine from tar cigarettes or that of substitutes. You have the answer!