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Why is it so easy to quit smoking with the vape?

40% of people who have tried to quit smoking with vaping have succeeded. It’s huge to compare nicotine substitutes and other methods. Why is it so easy?

This article is for smoking friends who are asking questions and who may not dare to try the e-cigarette because of political and media discrimination which tends to frighten them, while the vape is a great solution for stopping smoking.

As a preamble, let’s be very clear about the state of the science:

  • tobacco kills one in two smokers prematurely, i.e. 78,000 people a year in France, no discussion, these are the official figures. There are 32% of smokers in France, the result of a deplorable policy…
  • To date, no study has been able to demonstrate the harmfulness of e-cigarettes. The media have sometimes relayed negative information which has ALL been counter-argued by scientists: poor conditions of use or measurement, unsuitable protocols, etc.
  • no study has been able to demonstrate the TOTAL harmlessness of the e-cigarette, it will NEVER happen, in the same way as all your food, your medicines or the air you breathe.
  • what is certain: we know perfectly the composition of e-liquids and the dangers are incomparable compared to tobacco. No carbon monoxide, no tar. That alone is huge!

Why is it so easy to quit smoking thanks to the vape?

To brighten up the reading of this article, we can make an analogy with a film title: The good, the bad and the ugly!

The good: it’s the gesture!

Smoking is a kind of ceremonial. Beyond the physiological need for nicotine, lighting a cigarette is always linked to an emotion. From the simple need to occupy one’s hands to the desire to take advantage of joy, or to console oneself for a misfortune. All smokers know it too, most cigarettes are lit “mechanically” always at the same time of the day, when you leave home, when you get in the car, at the cafe, after a meal, while waiting for someone one, etc. The “gesture” is an integral part of a smoker’s life. Those who have already tried to quit smoking know it well: the lack of gesture is unbearable suffering. We don’t know what to do with his hands or his mouth. Hence the compulsive snacking, or the explosive consumption of paperclips…

With the electronic cigarette, you keep the gesture. Slightly different, and more complicated, with gear and liquids to manage, but you keep the essentials. That is to say the pleasure of the “mini-occupation” that a cigarette gave you. You will not have this “lack”, you will suffer much less than with nicotine substitutes which completely amputate you from the ceremony of a gesture.

For some tobacco specialists, the gesture is precisely one of the most unexpected advantages of the e-cigarette to quit smoking. No method had ever integrated this fundamental parameter, which is nevertheless well known to scientists and which can almost be described as a “placebo”. The e-cigarette has therefore contributed to a real discovery, or at least to a major awareness.

The brute is the hit!

If you decide to try the e-cigarette by going to a specialized store, if the merchant is a good pro, he will have you test the equipment. And there, you may be surprised because you will feel an “itchiness” at the back of your throat. It’s a little different from a cigarette, you might even cough the first few times, but it’s strangely similar. This sensation is called the “hit”. It is created by nicotine but also by heat and vapour density. This hit is associated with the gesture to provide a sensation that is close to the cigarette. For some vapers, this first attempt with the discovery of the “hit” remains an unforgettable memory because it allowed them to quit smoking immediately!

With the vape and the very sophisticated materials that are available today, you can very easily adjust the quality and intensity of the hit. This setting is also closely linked to the nicotine level. It is for this reason, moreover, that you should not buy a cigalike like a tobacconist. Firstly, you won’t be able to try, you won’t get any advice, and secondly, the tobacco companies intentionally manufacture poor quality material, which delivers a very weak hit and this allows them to trick you into believing that you need a rate of very strong nicotine. This is a trap to avoid.

The hit is therefore a major asset of the e-cigarette. It’s his little “raw” side with which you will not completely lose your “cowboy” and “rebel” soul by quitting tobacco. The beautiful difference is that you will get hits with strawberry, banana, caramel, vanilla and a thousand other flavours, instead of intoxicating yourself with a taste of barbecue…

The ugly: it’s the nicotine of course!

Everything has been said and studied about nicotine. In summary, nicotine is not dangerous, its only flaw is the addiction it can cause. By learning a little, you can also learn that nicotine is perhaps not as addictive as you think. In any case, the tobacco industry adds a quantity of very toxic products to improve its potency. To find out why…

Nicotine is therefore used in all kinds of substitutes, patches, lozenges, inhalers… All these devices are of course medically recognized and authorized for sale. Be aware that patients who smoke may be administered nicotine fresh from surgery. E-liquid manufacturers use the same “pharmaceutical grade” nicotine as the drug industry.

With the e-cigarette, you can therefore absorb nicotine to compensate for the pack of cigarettes. It is a very classic “protocol” in terms of the weaning method. But, it is much more practical and effective! Because you take nicotine in “puffs” like with cigarettes. Even if the assimilation time is slower, it corresponds better to your habits. In addition, it is you who manage the rate. You can play on the amount of nicotine in the liquid, but also on what is delivered by your equipment. Hence the interest of being well equipped to play on the power, the airflow, and the quantity of steam.

Nicotine is therefore the “ugly” that makes you so attached to cigarettes. But in an e-cigarette, you can absorb it serenely, at your own pace and above all by avoiding smoked tobacco which produces carbon monoxide, and tar and forces you to inhale substances that are useless and fatal to your health.

The gesture, the hit and the nicotine…

This is why, quite simply, hundreds of thousands of people have easily succeeded in quitting smoking thanks to the vape. It might not be as good as quitting, but it’s a huge improvement for your health. And above all-above all, avoid the trap of vapour smoking. If you try the e-cigarette, try to stop smoking very quickly, mixed consumption does not reduce the risks.