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The drip tip is the mouthpiece that is at the end of your clearomiser. An essential accessory for any electronic cigarette, the choice of the drip tip is conditioned by several criteria. How to choose a drip tip adapted to your needs? Let yourself be guided by our advice!

Choose the right drip tip for a tight draw

If you are looking for a draw similar to that of a cigarette, it is advisable to opt for a narrow drip tip. A 510 drip tip is suitable for vaping in indirect inhaling (MLT). Be careful however, some drip tips are said to be proprietary, which means that they are compatible only with the model of clearomizer or electronic cigarette that you have purchased.

Choosing the right drip tip for cloud chasing

What you like is steam, lots of steam! For this, you need to suck in as much air as possible. So you need a sub-ohm clearomizer with an airflow system designed for cloud chasing and equipped with a wide drip tip to suck in a lot of air. An 810 drip tip is a standard with a large diameter, perfect for an ultra airy and vaporous vape in direct inhaling (DL). Again, there are proprietary drip tips in a wide bore (wide edges).

Choose your drip tip: height and materials

We talked about diameter but not about height. How to choose a drip tip according to its size? The higher it is, the warmer the steam. The shorter it is, the hotter the steam. Be careful, some high drip tips tend to accumulate unpleasant condensation. There are spiral drip tips to avoid e-liquid rising.

To choose the material that makes up a drip tip, keep in mind that the vape, especially at high power and over time, it heats! To avoid materials like steel, which gets very hot and can burn your mouth. The Delrin insulates him from the heat and is found on many drip tips. Teflon is also a very good choice and offers a fairly soft texture for more comfort.