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An essential part of your electronic cigarette, the coil is a small metal part that plays several roles in the cigarette. The more you use your electronic cigarette, the more it deteriorates, which requires its replacement. The question is when and how to change your electronic cigarette coil. Find out more through this article.

What is the resistance of your electronic cigarette?

The resistance of your electronic cigarette is the engine of the latter. Located in the clearomiser, it consists of an iron frame, one or more resistive wires and a wick which can be made of cotton, silica fibre or a fine sieve grid. This wick will have the function of absorbing the e-liquid so that it is heated and vaporized.

The resistance of your cigarette has two main functions:

  • It ensures the tightness of the clearomiser
  • It produces the vapour of the cigarette during the vape

The resistance of your vape is the only part to change often on the latter. It, therefore, has a certain lifespan.

In general, what is the lifespan of an electronic cigarette coil?

The lifespan of the resistance of your electronic cigarette is quite subjective. It depends on several variables, namely the quality of the resistance, the type of e-liquid used in the vaper, and the manufacturing equipment of the vaper. Likewise, the manufacturer of the vape is also an important element that you must take into account. Generally, the use of the vape will have an impact on the resistance which will have a shorter lifespan.

In general, a vaping coil has a lifespan of 2 to 3 weeks. Similarly, for the proper functioning of your electronic cigarette, you can replace the resistance in your clearomiser after 15 to 20 fillings.

How do you know that the resistance of your cigarette is worn out?

Once your resistance is put into use, it will inevitably be worn out. Indeed, when it heats the e-liquid of the electronic cigarette to produce steam, this produces deposits which over time and use will deteriorate it. Thus, you will know that your resistance is worn out when:

  • The steam produced will be less hot and abundant
  • You notice a loss of flavour in your products
  • You have difficulty inhaling steam
  • Your vape begins to leak

A decrease in the amount of steam

The resistance of your cigarette, like any other resistance, is measured in ohms. An ohm is a unit of measurement of electrical resistance. This makes it possible to determine both the time taken to heat the e-liquid, the operating power of the clearomizer and the quantity of vapour produced.

As a general rule, the lower the value of your resistance, the more steam it will produce and will require more power to operate. Thus, if your cigarette produces less vapour and you observe an increase in the value of your resistance, this could mean that the latter contains too much deposit and that you must change it. So looking at power is very important. 

A change in taste or colour of your e-liquid

The change in taste of your e-liquid can be due to two factors, all related to your resistance. Either your resistance has been used for too long and it should be changed, or it was badly started.

In the second case, poor priming can cause excessive heating of the cotton wick. The latter must always be soaked in e-liquid. If not, once it comes into contact with the resistive wires, it will cause a burnt taste in your cigarette.

To properly prime your new coil, you can add a little e-liquid directly to the visible part of the cotton wick and let it soak in for a few moments before switching on your cigarette. Another faster method is to vape several times through the mouthpiece of the vape once you have soaked your wick.

In addition, it is sometimes recommended to change the resistance when you change flavours or types of e-liquid. Since your wick is already soaked in a certain e-liquid flavour, adding a new one can result in a mix of flavours. Which can be unpleasant or pleasant (it depends on the flavours).

E-liquid leaking from your cigarette

If the resistance of your electronic cigarette is used too much, it causes a loss of capillarity of your wick. This will mean that the latter will no longer be able to absorb the e-liquid well to heat it and it could therefore leak.

For this not to happen, you must take into account the quality of your e-liquid. If the latter contains more vegetable glycerin, it will produce more deposits when heated, which will deteriorate your resistance.

How to change the resistance of your vape?

To change the resistance of your electronic cigarette, you can follow a few simple rules. Simply, a change of resistance consists of:

  • Disassemble the clearomizer to have access to the resistance
  • Remove the already worn coil and clean the clearomiser
  • Place the new resistance while being careful to place it correctly and be sure that it is well connected electrically and well screwed
  • Add a few drops to the wick of your resistance and let it soak in for a few moments
  • Put everything back together and start the new resistance

Changing the resistance is quite quick and easy to do. Failing to change the resistance, you can maintain your clearomiser from time to time.

Maintenance of resistance and electronic cigarette

The simplest method is to:

  • Do a dry-burn to burn off all liquid deposits with a tab or your box
  • Clean with a wire brush or ceramic brush
  • Rinse the coil with a large quantity of clear, warm water so that it is free of any particles
  • Redo another dry-burn to tighten the turns and refocus the coil

Thus, you will have a very clean cigarette for its future use. You just have to vape calmly and enjoy the flavours of your e-liquid.