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Why choose to move towards the rebuildable

Have you been vaping for a while? Congratulation!

-you are perhaps not completely satisfied with your equipment

-you want to save on resistors which can be expensive

-quite simply you have the soul of a handyman and you want to try the experiment.

Here are some reasons to take the big step and discover the world of rebuildable atomizers!

If these are really your first steps in this universe, know that the progress made by manufacturers in recent years has made it possible to limit the difference that could exist between  high- performance clearomisers  (reservoirs with ready-made resistors) and real reconstructable.

I am of course talking about the rendering of flavors, the amount of steam, etc…

But  rebuildable atomizers  will always have the advantage of being customizable at will, which ready-made coils will never be able to offer.

This will remain the great strength of this type of material which will adapt perfectly after a little technical mastery, to everyone’s vape. A rebuildable atomizer can indeed have different renderings depending on the assembly you choose.

This is a big advantage of rebuildable atomizers which can evolve over the long term by sometimes modifying the wire, sometimes the cotton, not to mention the many types of assemblies that you can test. It may seem endless and therefore scary, but don’t worry, it’s not rocket science, just start with the basics and progress slowly.

Of course, depending on whether you are used to vaping with this or that clearomiser, you will have to choose a reconstructable corresponding to your vape, but this is not the most difficult part.

Recommended atomizers: 

-a, mono coil dripper (only one resistance) is an excellent start because it is easy to assemble.

The -a top coil in mono coil (the resistance is above the tank) remains relatively easy.

-the bottom coil mono coil (resistance at the bottom of the tank) can be more capricious, especially with regard to the cotton, but many reconstructable atomizers have made this task easier.

At the cost level of course, the match is completely unequal, at the consumable level. If you add a kanthal thread, a little cotton and a few tools, you are armed to last a long time, which will not be the case with ready-made resistors. The operating cost of a rebuildable is ridiculous.

Recommended consumables:  

– Chantal wire in 0.4 mm

– cotton kendo or bacon

– a jig (to form its coil to a defined diameter)

– cutting pliers

– ceramic pliers (to adjust its hot coil)

The last pleasure of this type of material, to make your little handyman. Install your coil (its resistance), mount your cotton, in short, take plenty of space on your coffee table, take out your latest equipment, and once everything is installed, vape this puff that will inevitably be unforgettable.

Here are some tips for making your first builds on rebuildable atomizers 

1. Making a resistor is ultimately not very difficult, surrounding a wire as regularly as possible around an axis does not represent a real difficulty. You always can buy already formed coils.

A diameter of 2 or 2.5 mm for the coils is a good base, 5 turns are also a good average. These are of course only average values.

When your resistance is installed, you must make sure that your screws are tight, the coil must absolutely not move. Always install its resistance with an axis inside (a screwdriver for example) to avoid its deformation.

2.  Before continuing, heat the coil slightly (remember to remove the screwdriver anyway) and look where the glow appears. Commonly, it does not appear in the centre at the start. Heat it again, if this is still the case, tighten it with your pliers (a simple pressure is enough) and heat it again until you obtain a gradual heating from the center outwards. Always check the value of your resistance (value in ohm). 3. The most important thing for me and what will require the most attention is the placement of the cotton.

The cotton must imperatively touch all of your coil and it must not be packed too much to allow a good rise of liquid.

To do this, the amount of cotton will be decisive.

To judge whether the quantity is satisfactory, it is unfortunately a matter of feeling. Rest assured it is acquired very quickly. When you put your cotton in the resistance, the cotton which is often pointed to enter easily (it is rolled between the fingers) will gradually oppose resistance, it is this resistance that will have to be judged.

-If there is no resistance, you do not have enough cotton.

-If the resistance becomes too high, which can cause the coil legs to deform, you have too much cotton.

-The ideal being to be at the limit of deformation, you can then go back and forth with your cotton to air it slightly and you don’t touch it anymore.

During your first assembly, do not hesitate to waste cotton to feel this difference.

4. All you have to do is cut the cotton legs to the necessary size (each  reconstructable atomizer  is different), place them in the desired location without torturing them too much, soak everything well with your favorite liquid and it’s happiness!

The rebuildable is not an obligation, but once well assimilated, the rendering can be impressive.

We appreciate changing cotton regularly for a ridiculous cost, each liquid is then really appreciated at its fair value.

Different assemblies allow you to refine your vape with the same material.

The world of rebuildable is offered to you.

This is a great possibility offered by the vape.

Good luck to you!