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The tobacco plant is native to America and has been used as a medicine and stimulant for at least 2000 years. Its main asset is nicotine which is both a sedative and a stimulant. When the body is exposed to nicotine, the individual experiences a sudden boost of energy. This is partly due to nicotine stimulating the adrenal glands, resulting in the release of adrenaline.

This adrenaline rush stimulates the body. There is an immediate release of glucose, as well as an increase in heart rate, respiratory activity and blood pressure. Indirectly, nicotine also causes the release of dopamine in the pleasure and motivation areas of the brain. If the level of dopamine in the brain increases, the feeling of bliss is automatically higher. In addition, depending on the dose taken, nicotine can also act as a sedative.

What is the nicotine booster?

A nicotine booster is a 10ml vial of e-liquid containing 20mg/ml of nicotine. The nicotine booster can have different PG/VG levels (Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin) like any base. The European Tobacco Products Directive has caused a lot of upheaval in the world of vaping, especially for e-liquids.

The ban on selling the famous nicotine booster over 10ml has effectively put an end to the habits of many electronic cigarette users who preferred to buy 30ml or 50ml bottles of e-liquid. 

Although the sale of e-liquid bottles larger than 10ml may be illegal, it is still possible to sell a nicotine booster which will be used by diluting it to add nicotine and obtain the final dosage of your choice.

This is one of the reasons why the nicotine booster is so popular with smokers as well as those who resort to vaping to quit smoking gradually.

How to use your nicotine booster?

Using a nicotine booster is simple: just empty the bottle of e-liquid. That said, care must be taken as the exact levels of nicotine you may end up with vary. So, the first step is to choose your e-liquid. For this, you have two options: a classic e-liquid without nicotine and an e-liquid designed to work with a booster.

The latter has two advantages: the size of the bottle includes space for a booster and the aromas are much more concentrated to counter dilution. The next step is to choose your booster. Currently, the market is dominated by two different dosages: 18 mg and 20 mg. It is then entirely up to you to control the dosage. If you use a 20mg/ml nicotine booster and pour it into a 30ml bottle, what kind of nicotine strength are you going to get in the end?

Let’s do the math: we have 10 ml of 20 mg and 30 ml of 0 mg. This means that at the end we will have a total of 40ml, of which a quarter contains 20mg of nicotine, which means that the e-liquid will contain 5mg of nicotine. If you don’t like mathematics, specific calculators are dedicated to it on the internet, just ask your search engine.