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In this very special health period, in addition to respecting barrier gestures and hygiene rules, it is also advisable to take good care of your vaping equipment. In this article, we are dealing with disinfection and not sterilization, unless you have an autoclave. So, after washing your hands, follow the following tips to disinfect your vaping equipment either with vape-specific products or more general products such as alcohol.

Disinfecting your drip tip with alcohol

The drip-tip is the element that the vaper always has in his mouth. Even if you cannot self-contaminate, it is better to clean it regularly.

To do this, you can use 70° or 90° alcohol. However, contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not effective against viruses but bacteria and mycobacteria. However, it will at least remove the bacteria and it’s always nice to have something clean in your mouth.

Disinfection with white vinegar and baking soda 

Here is a quick and effective method to clean your vaping equipment, such as the atomizer, the tank and the coil : 

  • Take a glass bowl, and add white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda to it.
  • Remove the parts to be cleaned by removing the seals. 
  • Leave to act for 10 minutes then rinse all the parts thoroughly with clear water. 

Disinfection of your electronic cigarette pants with an ultrasonic bath

Thanks to the mechanical effect of ultrasonic waves, this cleaner is very effective in cleaning and giving a second life to the parts of your electronic cigarette. Its operation is very simple: fill the tank with water, put down your parts to be cleaned and start. You can also add a little dishwashing liquid to degrease the parts or a few drops of alcohol at 70 or 90° in the tank. 

Warning: it is not recommended to put your electronic box there!

This list of tips and advice will allow you to vape with complete peace of mind and keep your vaping equipment in good condition for as long as possible.