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Battery life is the maximum amount of energy your battery can store. It is expressed in mAh. Logic, therefore, dictates that the more energy a battery can store, the greater its autonomy and that under equal conditions of use, a 2000 mAh battery will allow you to vape twice as long as a 1000 mAh battery.

Of course, the size of the battery has a direct impact on its capacity: the larger a battery, the more energy it can store. A criterion to take into consideration if the size of your electronic cigarette is an important criterion for you. However, if you need generous autonomy but want a discreet and compact electronic cigarette, you can acquire a 2nd auxiliary device.

How long will my battery last?

In practice, it is difficult to know precisely how long your battery will allow you to vape without requiring a recharge. Your frequency of use, the value of the resistance installed in your tank, and the power delivered to cause the vaporization of the e-liquid are all parameters that will determine your daily energy consumption.

Take for example two vapers with the same frequency of use on the same electronic cigarette of 3000 mAh. The first installed a 1.2Ω resistor and set its battery to 16 watts. The second installed a 0.3Ω resistor and set its battery to 35 watts. The announced autonomy is the same but in the 2nd case, the battery will have to deliver more electricity to heat the resistance and will drain faster than for the first vaper.

Good to know: the ambient temperature has a clear influence on the autonomy of your battery, which does not tolerate the frosts of winter quite badly. So don’t be surprised if your battery holds a charge less well when it’s 5°C than when it’s 25°C. Between these two temperatures, your battery loses almost half of its usual capacity, just like your mobile phone or any other device with a rechargeable battery.

But don’t worry, it will regain its full autonomy as soon as the temperatures rise!

How much autonomy will I need?

Your autonomy needs will depend a lot on the type of vape you want to practice. If you are attracted by large clouds of vapour that require high-performance equipment, it is better to equip yourself with an e-cigarette with high autonomy.

The choice of battery life will also depend on your profile as a former smoker:

You were a light smoker and you think to vape very occasionally? A small electronic cigarette from 650 mAh to 1500 mAh can be perfectly sufficient to last a whole day without having to recharge your battery.

You were a moderate smoker and you consider using your electronic cigarette with the same moderation? A 1500 mAh to 2500 mAh battery will do the trick.

You were a rabid smoker and you are likely to often need a good puff of vapour to compensate for the lack? Better to turn to a model with more generous autonomy, beyond 2500 mAh.

Many batteries today work with an external battery which can be recharged permanently in the battery via its USB port as is done for a telephone or, even better, using an external charger as for any rechargeable battery. Autonomy is no longer a concern if you build up a small reserve of charged batteries.

Some batteries can even accommodate two external batteries simultaneously, which makes it possible to reach a capacity of up to 7000 mAh. Enough to considerably space out the charging sessions!