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Many people may not be aware of the history of vaping which dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians from the 5th century BC. Early vapers placed herbs and oils on hot stones to turn them into vapour and then inhale them.

Moreover, the concept of electronic cigarettes is not entirely new either. It was first dreamed up by Joseph Robinson in 1927 and later Herbert A. Gilbert came up with a smokeless, tobacco-free cigarette in 1963. Although it was Robinson who originally came up with the idea, 

Gilbert is the one who became the headliner of vaping by patenting his invention in 1965. 

That said, vaping and e-cigarettes only started gaining popularity in the late 90s when they have marketed targeting smokers and the general public. In the meantime, vaping and electronic cigarettes were not common practices and it was only later that they became unavoidable. 

The Asian influences of the electronic cigarette 

A more modern e-cigarette was made by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik in the early 2000s. His father, who died of lung cancer, was the inspiration behind the creation of this new little gem.

This e-cigarette was first introduced in Europe and then it first appeared in the United States in 2007. Subsequently, it became extremely popular globally.

When it comes to vaping, the ability to adjust the amount of nicotine in the mix plus the many different flavours available make it an enjoyable experience and a growing practice. Thanks to nicotine-free varieties of e-liquids, it is believed that vaping could be an effective tool in helping smokers quit the habit altogether.

By replacing traditional cigarettes with safer vaping methods, millions of premature deaths associated with regular tobacco use can now be prevented. 

The different types of electronic cigarettes 

Different vaping tools have started to flourish and evolve. For beginners, we often talk about the electronic cigarette tube, but for the great vaping enthusiasts, there are customizable kits that are commonly called the electronic cigarette box. This type of electronic cigarette offers the possibility of personalizing your experience to test hitherto unknown sensations. 

The addition of batteries, flexible voltage and wattage settings, and the availability of an extra tank make it a particularly popular choice. 

The electronic cigarette box offers an exceptional asset. Indeed, its autonomy is much greater than the tube or pod formats, which makes it very practical. It is therefore essentially aimed at vapers who need an electronic cigarette that can last a whole day without going through a break to recharge it.