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The Do It Yourself e-liquid is a technique of making your liquid by yourself. It has several advantages in terms of being able to save money and being practical. It is true that at first glance, making e-liquid seems difficult, however, one should not jump to conclusions too quickly, because even a beginner can afford to do it at home. Ready-to-use kits exist to help you with your first experiences in this captivating and addictive world. 

Work plan for the development of your e-liquid

Before preparing your liquid, it is essential to make sure that your work surface is clean, appropriate, and above all dry. But still, always make sure your materials are just right. It is important not to forget to protect yourself from possible nicotine splashes since you should know that nicotine irritates the skin after any contact. 

Proceed to the manufacture of your mixture

So, for a good start, and for everything to go well, you have to start by incorporating one of, the aromas, then the nicotine, and finally the neutral base in the bottle. If you wish to add an additive or a supplement, do not forget to incorporate it before having put the base.

Regarding the calculation of proportions, while it is easier to determine the percentage of nicotine via a calculator, the mixing of scents requires certain arrangements. Don’t worry, this is child’s play!

How to properly dose the combination of aromas?

In reality, the mixing of scents is done according to a percentage of deconcentration. When an aroma must have a dose of 15% for example, this means that the multitude of scents must represent 15% of the total sum of the volume of the vial. You should know that a 100 ml vial corresponds to 15%. To know the real quantity of aroma to add in a bottle which has another dimension, it is simpler and more practical to increase by 0.15 the total capacity of the vial of electronic liquid that you want to manufacture. Therefore, for a 30 ml vial, the calculation is simple: this will make 4.5 ml of concentrated scent, i.e. 0.15 x 30. Therefore, for the addition and mixture of different flavours at the same time, this figure must be split by the desired mass of scents. 

Packaging and steep 

The DIY of an e-liquid is indeed advantageous, however, it requires time and organization. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard and complex to do. In addition to making your e-liquid, which will take you a maximum of 30 minutes of your time, you will have to be patient and allow the scents contained in your recipe to rest, just long enough for them to mature. This is called: “steep”, and this maturation period varies according to the category of scents used. Also, your e-liquid will need to be steeped for quite a while if it has a high VG percentage.

For more details, see the time required for each type of aroma: for mono-aroma fruit, the steep time varies between 0 to 5 days, for multi-aroma fruit, it is 3 to 7 days, for mint, coffee, vanilla, and anise, the steep lasts between 7 to 15 days. For gourmet aromas such as caramel, cereals, etc., this varies between 15 to 20 days; and for classic scents, such as tobacco, the steep time is a minimum of 15 days.

It is, therefore, contraindicated to directly vape a DIY liquid following its design since the scents will not necessarily be felt. This is why DIY needs organization and preparation.

What DIY e-liquid making needs: 

Above all, to get started in the production of DIY e-liquid, you must have certain specific utensils and materials, including empty vials, graduated syringes, gloves and protective glasses. For the constituents, what is needed is a neutral base, nicotine and scents with additives of your choice.

What is advantageous in DIY e-liquid:

The realization of homemade electronic liquid necessarily requires more of your time and good organization, but it is also an investment. Only once the accessories are there, and the know-how mastered, it offers several advantages. 

Cheaper DIY e-liquid 

Indeed, the DIY design of its e-liquids gives the possibility of reducing the cost of vaping by half. However, a ready-to-use electronic liquid is worth 5 euros for 10 ml on average. For people who consume electronic cigarettes, that says, the huge consumption of e-liquid is a real money saver because they can make big savings.

Also, you should know that the electronic liquid is customizable. Indeed, you are spoiled for choice for the manufacture of your DIY e-liquid: PG and VG proportion, type of nicotine, scents, …. For whatever kind of liquid you enjoy when vaping, you will have the opportunity to DIY it.

Know that it is possible to make a new version of your favourite liquid, to personalize your favourite scent by inserting an additional aroma, perhaps a freshness effect or a touch of toast, …

So you have all the tips to make a perfect DIY. Let your imagination run wild, the Do It Yourself makes possible your wildest desires in terms of e-liquid while saving money.