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Tesla is one of the best Juul competitors

Juul competitorsTesla TI Pod Kit grows by popularity on the market.
With the Tesla TI Pod Kit, this well-known manufacturer and one of the best Juul competitors is launching a particularly compact and lightweight pod system on the market, which is convincing both in terms of design and handling and with extremely good performance. The e-cigarette from Tesla is particularly easy for beginners because the vaporizer does not have to make any settings on this device. Thus, the Tesla TI Pod Kit is ideal for switching from smoking to vaping and permanently as a reliable everyday device, which is produced by one of the best Juul competitors.

The Tesla TI Pod Kit offers a high level of vaping enjoyment.
The Tesla TI Pod Kit works with a built-in battery that has a capacity of 350mAh. This battery is conveniently charged using a micro USB cable at any power source (power bank, laptop or mobile phone charger) and the complete charging process takes only 50 minutes thanks to the device’s innovative charging electronics. An LED informs the vaper both about the progress of the charging process and about the remaining capacity of the battery during operation. The TI Pod Kit was designed by the manufacturer for the discreet cheek piece and works with an ideal, fixed output power. Tesla did not use a fire button on this device and instead equipped it with an automatic train.

The pods from the Tesla TI Pod Kit offer a tank volume of 1.5 ml and can be filled. To do this, the vaper only has to pull off a small tab and then has access to the filler opening of the tank. High-quality coils are installed in the pods, which have a resistance of 1.4 ohms. The Airflow offers a restrictive draft resistance ideal for the MTL vaper, which supports the high vaping enjoyment ideally.
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