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Quality manufacturing of vape flavors diy

Self-mix or even more accurately said experience and understanding of the vape flavors diy method allows you to prepare optimal free vape juice for a specific device, or for a specific flavor.

Liquid is one of the main components of an electronic cigarette, which forms the vapor, inhaled during dragging. To date, this simple composition for vape, including only 4-5 basic e-liquid ingredients, is presented in a very wide range: with different contents of e-liquid nicotine and a variety of taste combinations. What do you need to know about the components of the e-liquid composition?

There are four components that make up e-liquid brands, which you can use when making self-mixes. Let’s talk about one of them.

Glycerin is an oily, colorless liquid that is dissolved in water and can promote dehydration. It is used mainly in the confectionery sphere as an additive, which improves the consistency and prevents the sagging of chocolate, and also increases the volume of bakery products. In addition, the presence in the composition of the substance of bread hardens slower and pasta sticks less together during cooking. Glycerin is also used in making extracts of coffee, tea, ginger and other plants.

Glycerin is absolutely harmless to the body when inhaled. However, excessive glycerin content in the liquid for electronic cigarettes can lead to some side effects – such as dryness in the throat and persecution during the dragging process. Therefore, pay attention to its percentage in your liquid. The desire to prepare e-liquid cheap should not adversely affect its quality.

And keep in mind – while producing self-mixes of liquid, use only the proven components of high degree purification. Remember that glycerin and propylene glycol, which are made for the needs of industry, can contain a large number of harmful impurities. It is recommended to use the USP purification grade components for the manufacture of liquids.