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Voopoo continues to promote its Juul compatible pods UK models

Juul compatible pods UKVoopoo continues to promote its Juul compatible pods UK models of Drag series. Their devices are like particles in a hadron collider – collide, forming the energy of popularity, and new devices, this time there is a supercompact sub-system that inherits the design of older models, suitable for nicotine vaping intended to promote to promote the Juul compatible pods UK models. The Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit starter kit has a wow effect, its reason is a solid metal (zinc-aluminum alloy) case, optimal size (like a Zippo lighter), and buttonless control (heating turns on when tightened). There are seven types of acrylic sidewall decoration: crimson tide, trendy blue, foggy blue, turquoise dawn, ink, fiesta, Ceylon yellow, which are optimal to promote its Juul compatible pods UK models.

The black rectangular cartridge consists of two parts: the case and the cap. In the hearth it is fixed on latches, install the cartridge by ear (until it clicks), and paying attention to the LED in the base at the end of the hearth, it will flash if the cartridge is accepted. The LED also indicates the battery status (declared capacity is 750 mAh), green means a high charge, blue means an average charge, and red means a low charge when it drops below 20%; during critical discharge, the Drag Nano will flash ten times and turn off.

The cartridge is not disposable to refill it – remove the cap, from the top you will see a hole at the top, pour the vape mixture through it, you can use tobacco, including salt nicotine. The volume of the cartridge (1 ml) on average is enough for a day of vaping, and the battery is completely discharged for 350 puffs, i.e. in about two days. To recharge, use a USB connection, it takes about 1.5 hours to complete a cycle. The drag on the Drag Nano is moderately tight, with a short draft, vape is almost not formed. There is no easy way to control the liquid level in the cartridge; control its consumption carefully so as not to get a garik. A device for fans of Drag, and everyone who likes a serious design.
VooPoo introduces Drag Nano, which now has a compact size, ideal for any fan of minimalistic vapes, the device received a proprietary GENE.Pod chip, a built-in 750 mAh battery with support for fast charging and a 1.8 Ohm cartridge that matches perfectly with nicotine saline to promote the Juul compatible pods UK models.