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If you order premium e-liquid cheap, be careful in Thailand

This is the news from Thailand for those who regularly buy premium e-liquid cheap. Or what users of e-liquid brands, visiting this country as tourists, need to know.

Today we came across a very interesting article, which tells about vaping in Thailand. The fact is that this country is very attractive for tourists, but if you are used to inhaling e-liquid flavors, then flying in this country can bring you trouble, in the worst case you can even go to jail, so that our business is to warn, and you will always make your own conclusions. First, let’s look at the generalized picture that looms around the vapers in the vaping as a whole in Thailand.

The public of the country has already begun to talk about an unreasonable ban on vaping products on the territory. The situation got even worse after the recent arrest of residents of the country who tried to establish a premium e-juice sale of their products through the social network Facebook. The fact is that fines, deprivations of time extend not only to tourists, but also to the inhabitants of the country. Two people from the town of Pathum Thani were arrested by local legislatures and now there are legal proceedings in which the vapers can lose their rights to freedom and will be convicted of attempting an illegal e-liquid wholesale in the country.

The ideal and fair situation around the electronic cigarette in the country should adhere to a similar approach as in the UK many people think in Thailand. E-juice flavor concentrate wholesale should be regulated with respect to risks and, therefore, maintained as a tool to help fight smoking. The British have already proved to the whole world that an electronic cigarette is not only safer than smoking, but is also an effective tool in the fight against smoking.

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