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Pure Cigs introduction

Pure Cigs introduction

The L88 is the smallest of the e-cigarette varieties available in the market today. It’s the variety that Blu and Volcano sell, and it’s popular mainly due to its extremely small size.

It’s the same size as the cigarettes you’re currently smoking, which makes it feel very convenient in the hand but it’s a bit too heavy to let it hang from your mouth. While the L88 doesn’t have the best vapor generation among smaller e-cigarette varieties — that preference is given to KR-808 e-cigarettes such as the V2 e-cigarette — there’s an undoutable appeal to the small size and Pure Cigs has got much money on that by releasing an L88-based kit of their own. For people who need increased battery life and prolonged vapor generation, a larger “XL” kit is also offered.

However, if anyway you are not satisfied with the quality, Pure Cigs goes a step further. When it comes to ensuring that you’re happy or unhappy with their products, it will do everything possible to rectify the issues.

Their website indicates that you can return any unwanted e-cigarette kit within 30 days of purchase if you decide that it isn’t perfect for you. This is an important fact for you to consider before buying. Their products are also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.