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NJOY Kings – the positive aspects

NJOY Kings – the positive aspects

Its very small size and light look appeals to many capricious smokers, who are real experts in this sphere. Although the design has since been copied by many e-cigarette merchants, the NJOY King was quite unique and irreplaceable at the time of its appearance.

The battery and LED are encased with a saturated filler material inside a thin plastic tube that gives a little when squeezed. It’s not as soft as a classic cigarette, but it is light if compared to other e-cigarettes. It’s easy to hold in mouth if that’s the way you prefer to smoke. Convenient Zippo-style storage case contributes to longer usage of the product. High nicotine recompenses low vapor generation.

This brand a great alternative, and for smokers trying to give up the habit, the fact that it is so close in look and touch to the classic thing, has many advantages. The vapor-generating components in an NJoy eCig are glycerin and propylene glycol (which the FDA indicates as “generally recognized as safe”), and the secondary components are nicotine and flavors intended to reproduce the taste of traditional smoking.

As with other eCigs we’ve tested, NJoy does not disclose what the components that make up the flavor are comprised of—something we’d prefer to find out.

So, if you put together the best tested aspects: the taste, the longevity of Logic’s battery, and the look and feel of NJoy—that would be practically the ideal eCig. If you find all these characteristics in one single electronic cigarette, then you are on the right place.