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About the SMOK BEC Pro


Following the manifestations of the 21st century such as health, quality and fashion, these attributes become the primary aim of the ideal lifestyle. And the modifications of traditional tobacco industry has been inevitable;

SMOK creators have smartly revealed and demonstrated these vast and unsatisfied needs, presenting a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, SMOK electronic cigarettes appeared as something that should have existed for ever and for always. In such a way, the tobacco consumers can continue to enjoy the intoxicated smoking pleasures without concerns. That is the dream of many smokers which is fulfilled due to SMOK.

The BEC Pro is similar to the ProVari in appearance. Like the ProVari, the device uses a single button for control of the main features including enabling and disabling Bluetooth and raising and lowering voltage and wattage any time it is convenient for you. However, that’s where the similarities come to an end.

You can operate the BEC Pro as a mechanical mod and disable variable voltage and wattage entirely, or you can select from a massive power range topping out at 12 volts or 50 watts. Although we are not interested in testing this functionality, SMOK reports that the BEC Pro is appropriate for sub-ohm vaping.
These features are only a fraction of the device’s potential which you can detect by pairing it with an iOS or Android device.