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Halo G6: the final words

Halo G6: the final words

The Halo G6 functions, gives sensation and tastes just like a traditional cigarette. If you are using an automatic battery, simply take a puff to turn it on and produce vapor. If you are using a manual battery, press the button and take a pull.

Take the best from the vapor as if it were smoke and all of the benefits that come combined with “vaping” instead of smoking.

But if you still have a choice of V2 vs. Halo, which one should you buy and finally stick to? It’s a difficult question. Most would prefer the V2 Cigs kit due to the quality of the hardware, the accessories included with the kit and total vapor production of the e-cigarette. However, the Halo G6 isn’t far behind in vapor production, and plus it has the added benefit of Halo’s superior USA-produced refill flavors.

See the Halo G6 at Halo’s website. It may be useful for you as it will provide you with an absolute image of the product offered. Select any of nine different colors available for your Halo G6 e-Cigarette. The battery features a smooth satin finish and distinctive nickel brushed accents with a glowing LED tip. It may seem not a very easy choice at the beginning, but afterwards you will see the result.