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It is important to know the basics of electronic cigarettes before you start using them. This doesn’t just lie on the liquids you might consume, but also on other points including the size of the cigarette itself. So, this guide will give you more information about the different forms of e-cigarettes available in today’s market.

The electronic cigarette in tube format

Often small in size, an electronic cigarette in tube format is very discreet. You will have no trouble storing it in your pocket. Furthermore, the equipment is easy to use and does not weigh much. This allows it to be used at any time without causing you the slightest constraint.

This type of cigarette is also very easy to maintain. This is due to the fact that it disassembles in a short time. Thus, the replacement of the consumable like the resistor does not take much time. It must be recognized that the handling of a tubular electronic cigarette is very easy. You won’t even need to have any knowledge in the field to make it easy to use. Note that the majority of models on the market do not require any particular settings to start vaping.

Normally, this type of cigarette draws its energy from the battery which powers the clearomiser. This is what allows it to heat the liquid until it turns into vapour. This is how an e-cigarette delivers nicotine and the flavors you expect. In addition, you only have to press the product activation button for the battery to start heating the resistance. The battery will automatically adjust the heating power that the equipment needs.

It is quite possible to choose the tube cigarette kit that suits you. A simple model may suffice if you want to limit yourself to a simple style of vaping. This will also guarantee you equipment that is easy to store and use. For a beginner, a simple model is the best choice. Next comes the advanced kit if you want to produce enough vapor while enjoying a low nicotine level. Finally comes the expert kit which is reserved for those who have a strong experience in vaping. We can also mention the knowledge of Ohm’s law.

The electronic cigarette in box format

Above all, a box electronic cigarette favors the hit as well as the sensation that you will feel in your throat each time you vape. You should know that the product is easy to adjust according to your needs as well as your expectations. Note that the use of this type of electronic cigarette is no longer reserved only for experts in the field. On the user side, the battery heats the resistance which in turn burns the e-liquid and forms the vapour you want to produce. For better use, do not hesitate to configure the product with a clearomizer or with a reconstructable atomizer. In addition, you just have to press the “switch” button for a long time to start vaping. Note that you can choose the mode of vaping that suits you.

An electronic cigarette in box format is distinguished by its battery in the shape of a rectangle. You might even come across a model equipped with rechargeable batteries also known as accumulators. In any case, you can count on the autonomy as well as the power of the battery with each vaping. Thus, you will have a pleasant time with your electronic cigarette. Moreover, this can impact on the possibility of controlling the amount of vapor that you release with each inspiration. Generally, the body of the product is equipped with a control screen which will inform you about the variation of the power of the equipment.

Regarding the setting, it can be simple or complex depending on your needs. Simply customize the product according to the situation as well as your expectations. Whatever your choice, know that the product will not let you down when you need it. Note that the maintenance of your electronic cigarette will not take much time. So you could always rely on its lifespan.

The electronic cigarette in pod format

A pod-size cigarette almost resembles a regular cigarette in size. This means that it can be very discreet while providing the amount of steam you need with each use. Thus, you could use it in peace without taking the risk of being noticed if you wish.

Note that the main advantage of an electronic cigarette in pod format does not lie in its size. Indeed, you should rather turn to the fact that the product is able to adapt to specific e-liquids called “alternative”. You could also opt for liquids with high levels of nicotine that do not contain a lot of VG (vegetable glycerin). On top of that, vaping is more efficient at low power. That’s why you shouldn’t worry too much about the battery size of the product.

On the other hand, you can count on the ease of use of the product. Indeed, the cigarette does not require specific settings to produce the vapor you need. It is also easy to maintain while guaranteeing a long life. It is for these reasons that this type of e-cigar can be offered to beginner vapers.

You should know that the pod format is the latest in electronic cigarettes. The operation of the equipment mainly relies on the battery and the cartridge. This is very easy to replace. This provides the opportunity to change flavor and nicotine strength whenever you want.

Finally, we must not forget that this type of electronic cigarette can be the most effective if you want to start weaning. This is because the equipment can produce sensations very close to regular cigarettes.