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iQos heetsWhy are the consumers of the era of Internet shopping sources unable to agree and immediately purchase from the seller at least a small wholesale (or even wholesale) lot of desired goods? IQOS heets, for instance. With tangible benefits: for themselves, and for the merchant, and for the modest intermediary who will provide a convenient online platform for establishing such interactions. It is in this mediation that the principle of smart online shopping is based on.

Using the widest possibilities of the communication platforms, marketers reach impressive sales volumes to even individual customers that are unprecedented in the B2C market, which are evident in the online sales of IQOS heets.

In 2018, the number of active IQOS heets consumers increased to approximately 71% compared to the same period in 2017. The average number of regular (at least once a month) IQOS heets customers, making purchasesthrough online platforms is permanently rising and the results are impressive.

To be sincere, it should be noted that the rapid rise of the social shopping platform required considerable investment from its creators. As of the middle of this year, its expenses continued to exceed revenues.

And this is understandable: online shopping activities actually come down to a continuous flow of logistics operations, very large in volume, especially when the time is right to send a large quantity of IQOS heets to the addresses of final customers purchased in bulk somewhere in one place. Performing these operations with the highest accuracy and with minimal time delays is extremely difficult, but not for the UK-wide active platforms, which should appear and become IQOS heets market leaders. In addition, the company spends a lot of money on marketing activity, otherwise it would hardly be able to quickly attract the attention of such a number of regular customers. But in the case of online platform shopping in virtual space, all marketing costs will be covered by sales volumes. If the promotion is successful, the traffic is quickly increased and high conversion rates are reached. In other words, such an approach brings a high income within a short time.