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The more valuable the sale channels are, the more customers use them. Heets tobacco sticks are purchased by webshop and omnichannel buyers.

You will possibly ask whom we mean as omnichannel buyers. That is very simple. These are buyers who can buy Heets tobacco sticks both online and offline.

It is evident that omnichannel buyers rather buy Heets tobacco sticks online. To briefly explain, we found out that omnichannel buyers prefer to review the goods online before buying. The behavior, which is especially typical for customers of the millennial generation. If they watch goods online, they will have a desire to buy Heets tobacco sticks online.

When buying, there are different cases when buyers can decide to buy offline although they usually purchase Heets tobacco sticks online.

But even for skillful online traders, such buying is not a disadvantage. Because there is a certain casual reason ability Heets tobacco sticks online and offline.

Omnichannel clients do not just order more, but are also more loyal. After the customers switch to shopping, they make 23% more purchases from the same seller than before. In addition, they often recommend a certain brand to their friends and family.

An important point in the study that should not be missed: the correlation that was found should not be confused with causal relationships. It is safe to say that omnichannel consumers are more valuable to the seller. However, whether these customers were loyal and interested in the first place, or whether the omnichannel shopping experience led them to spend more, return, and recommend, remains open. In any case, the study advises the usage of omnichannel strategy even for online sellers.

Traditional retail has already become online, but many clients wish some offline options to buy Heets tobacco sticks. Naturally, for small orders. A buyer who does not remotely live from an online store location can be interested to once come, pay in cash and collect a small order. Paying attention to the needs of customers in total and sharing market segments, web stores should be more flexible by analyzing the desires of their buyers.