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Juul 5% pods

We go on reviewing new models of Juuls and their accessories. In today’s short article, we will take a look at the interesting Juul 5% pods for the Juul device, which are developed to have a form of a charging case that is equipped with a fingerprint reader.

It is no secret that the most popular and recognizable device of the Pod-format at the moment is Juul from the same-name brand. For this device, numerous varieties of accessories from both the manufacturer and from third companies are developed. And even some Chinese developers, releasing their own “scams”, make them compatible with Juul 5% pods. It does not mean that we recommend you to buy them.

Today we are just looking at one such useful item from the manufacturer Wellon that is presented in the form of a charging case. The owners of the above Juul 5% pods are recommended to take a note.

One of the main features of the innovation is a fingerprint scanner built into the front panel, which is designed to help the user protect a Juul device from unwanted interventions. The manufacturer claims a response rate of up to 1 second and registration of a print in 0.5 seconds, and the percentage of non-operation is very low – up to 0.01%. In addition, it is possible to register up to 40 different prints, thereby giving access to the “hearth” to all the necessary people.

Pandora JULL PCC Box is not the only device of this kind on the vaping market. Many other companies have already somehow released something similar, but as for the useful chips and general technical characteristics, the Wellon brainchild can really be considered the most optimal choice for JUUL.

Specifications of Wellon Pandora JUUL PCC Box:

· Dimensions: 121.5mm * 51.5mm * 17.3mm

· Material: Zinc Alloy + ABS

· Black colour

· Battery Capacity: 1100mAh

· JUUL charging time: 45 minutes

· Charge current: 350mA

· Case charging time: 1 hour

· Up to 40 fingerprints

If you are interested to buy such juul 5% pods, try to find them on online shops.