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IQOS HEETS Bronze Label

IQOS HEETS Bronze Label are rich and warm.

IQOS HEETS Bronze Label promise full tobacco flavor with the dried fruit aromas.

Marlboro-taste Heets are made from high quality, compressed tobacco. The tobacco is heated in the IQOS HEETS Bronze cigarette holder and not burned like a normal cigarette. By heating unfold the nicotine-containing aerosols which can be inhaled similar to a cigarette. By using Heets experience a genuine taste of real tobacco pleasure.

To use the IQOS HEETS Bronze Label, you need an IQOS kit / IQOS holder.

IQOS HEETS Bronze Label show many advantages over normal cigarettes. It works similarly, looks similar and looks pretty much like a normal cigarette on the whole. The user experience is also similar to that of a “real” cigarette: IQOS has a filter and a heat stick to be disposed of in the ashtray.

A key advantage lies hidden in the technology. The hybrid cigarette contains much less harmful substances than a normal cigarette. For example, iQOS contains only 13 percent of the amount of acetone compared to the conventional cigarette.

Basically, the user pushes the cartridge into the iQOS, presses a button to turn on and last takes a train. What sounds so easy also proves itself in practice. This uncomplicated use makes IQOS an interesting product per se. At the same time, the manufacturer offers several flavors: menthol and mint, for example.

In the IQOS test, the proximity to the right cigarette in particular stands out: the device is handy and the HeatSticks and the corresponding holder are very similar to classic cigarettes. This also clarifies what belongs to the target group of the manufacturer: traditional smoker. Compared to traditional cigarettes, the similarity is quite amazing: IQOS also produces steam, nicotine and flavor. The only thing missing with this artificial cigarette is the tobacco and its smell.

When using the IQOS, there is another similarity to the normal cigarette: The used, “empty smoked” HeatStick lands as usual in the ashtray. Ashes, remnants of tobacco or other remainders of combustion seek users at iQOS in vain. All in all, the hybrid cigarette looks very clean.