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iQos heets canada price

Discover the best IQOS Heets Canada price in our webshop. IQOS is the new electronic cigarette from Philip Morris.

What is IQOS?

The new product, designed by Philip Morris, is a device in the form of a pen, in which a “shortened” filter cigarette is inserted. This is heated so that vapor is released. It is therefore a kind of electronic cigarette that contains tobacco. No smoke is released and therefore no tar or carbon monoxide.

Philip Morris makes it appear that it is a “healthier” cigarette, and we are interested to present the most advantageous IQOS Heets Canada price ranges.

What is the difference between the IQOS and the current electronic cigarette?

Both products work according to the same principle: the devices release vapor and no smoke and there is no incineration.

The IQOS Heatstick is another way of using tobacco. People also call it electric smoking. It is a device where you put in a specially suitable cigarette. That cigarette is heated to such a high temperature that vapor comes off that you can inhale. The question is whether this device is suitable for this. And what is the difference with an e-cigarette that the device looks like?

IQOS consists essentially of three parts; A battery charger, the vapor device and hot. Hot are the disposable sticks (mini cigarettes) that are sold in packs of 20 tobacco sticks. These sticks contain a mixture of tobacco, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavorings. You could take 14 traits here, but in practice it would be 6 to 12.

So that the tobacco does not burn, but the tobacco evaporates. To inhale this vapor feels like smoking. But there are fewer harmful substances in this vapor, according to the maker Philip Morris: “Heat not burn” as they call it.

The harmlessness seems logical. Nicotine, which is often incorrectly perceived as a very dangerous substance, does not cause cancer or smoking-related diseases. Nicotine only becomes dangerous when the concentration is very high. That is not the case of IQOS.

Philip Morris has researched the harmlessness of the IQOS in their laboratory, where it was confirmed.

That is the reason to discover the best IQOS Heets Canada price offers in our webshop.