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iQos Heets Amber

If you use IQOS, you probably already noticed that Parliament sticks are no longer present at retail outlets. They were replaced by HEETS sticks.
You have not had time to enjoy the variety of HEETS and have not found your favorite taste? Try them now. Every appearance in the stick market with a new taste is a significant event.

It is the rich taste of tobacco, delicately accentuated by woody and nutty notes. Soft and delicate IQOS Heets Amber Label opens filigree balanced taste sensations thanks to pleasant nutty and woody aromatic notes. It is a true discovery for the ones who appreciate something new.

The HEETS pack has become brighter and more attractive. There is also appeared a relief on the pack.
Of course, the appearance of the new tastes is a plus. This option is considered the best to start using IQOS Heets Amber instead of cigarettes.

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The main advantage of online stores is time saving. Most likely, when visiting a regular store, everyone was faced with a situation where it was necessary to find a consultant, then wait until they brought the right product and, in the end, wait in a line. In addition, you need to get to the store, and this is the time that is lacking at the current pace of life. There will be no such problems with the online store, you just have to select the necessary goods (in your case IQOS Heets Amber Label) on the website, and then simply place an order. This will take a few minutes of your maximum time.

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