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We saw it in our article ” what is the BBD of an e-liquid “, our favourite vape juices can be kept for a long time, even a very long time! But for that, it is still necessary to preserve them How to ensure the conservation of an e-liquid for an electronic cigarette? Here is the answer!

How to store an open e-liquid?

To properly store an opened e-liquid, there are several things to know. Here are the three points to take into account for the good conservation of an e-liquid already opened:

Keep an open e-liquid: protect it from heat

Just like medicines and many foods, e liquids do not like heat. If for the manufacture of DIY e-liquid, the heat accelerates the steep, it will age your e-liquids more quickly if you do not keep them at the right temperature (18/20 degrees). To extend the life of your e-liquids, we even recommend placing them in the refrigerator. Yes, an e-liquid stored in the fridge will last longer! As the cold will make them more viscous, it is advisable to wait for the liquid poured into the tank of your electronic cigarette to warm up before starting to vape.

Keep an open e-liquid: avoid light

Sunlight is bad for e-liquids, whose aromas and nicotine are degraded under the action of UV. You may see your e liquids containing nicotine turn brown or yellow over time, but rest assured, this has no impact on your health. If you are wondering “why does my e-liquid turn yellow?” or “why does my e-liquid turn brown?”, sunlight is the reason! Some bottles of e-liquids for DIY are opaque to limit the effects of UV. Again, the fridge (or failing that, a drawer) is ideal for storing e-liquid away from the light!

Keep an open e-liquid: reduce the amount of air in the bottle

We think less about it, but the air also has a detrimental effect on the conservation of e liquids for electronic cigarettes. Once a bottle has been opened, try to vape it before opening another! If you make your e-liquids, fill the bottles as much as possible. And if you have bought a large basic volume for DIY, say 1 litre, it will be better to transfer its contents into a smaller bottle if you only have half left for example. To prevent your vape juice from oxidizing, limit the presence of air in the bottle!

If you are used to consuming your e-liquid bottles very quickly, in the order of a few days, you can keep them in the pocket of your bag or on a desk without worrying. However, if you want to keep them longer, for several weeks or months, follow our advice!

How to keep an e-liquid closed?

We often buy e-liquid for e-cigarettes in large quantities, just to have a reserve under the elbow and never run dry. If you took advantage of a promo to buy lots of cheap e-liquid on Nicovip, we explain how to store it well! There is nothing very complicated: already, the bottles are closed, with little air inside. So don’t worry about oxidation! For light and heat, a cupboard in a temperate room will do, but the fridge is even better if you plan to keep your e-liquid for several months.

How long to keep an e-liquid?

Even if you can vape an expired e-liquid (Best Before Exceeded within reason), remember to make sure you don’t have 36 old bottles stored in a door of your fridge or a cupboard. It is for this reason that if you are a fan of DIY to make your e-liquid at home, you must always remember to label the bottles (which will be well cleaned beforehand!). A homemade e-liquid can be kept for about 2 years in good condition. After a while, expired e-liquid with an outdated best before date will take on a bad taste due to the deterioration of the aromas, which keep less well than vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine. If you feel when you open the bottle that your vape juice has a suspicious smell, it goes in the trash!

Of course, when handling a bottle of product for an electronic cigarette, be careful not to put your fingers on the tip or inside the cap. If you haven’t been very careful with your vials and the bacteria growing in them, you should throw them away. Once again, if your e-liquid changes taste or appearance, it’s headed for the trash! Anyway, vaping an e-liquid that is no longer good will not be satisfactory, so don’t take any risks. And next time, remember to be a little more careful!

With all these tips, you should now know how to store your e-liquid and for how long.