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There is nothing more unpleasant than ending up with electronic cigarette liquid in your mouth after a long puff. It stings, it doesn’t taste good and it’s very frustrating.

Do not worry. Fluid leaks are normal annoyances. You just have to be able to determine the source and act accordingly. Here are some tips that will help you see things more clearly.

How come I have liquid in my mouth and on my fingers?

The rise of e-liquid comes from a leak at the level of the joint of the resistance. The liquid then rises through the column of air to your lips. You may also have condensation in the drip tip. If you inhale too hard, the droplets will reach your mouth.

If you get liquid on your fingers or hear a “ gurgling ” sound, there is liquid in the air inlet. Under the effect of various factors, the liquid escapes through the resistance and ends up in the airflow.

Close the airflow when you recharge your clearomiser

When you refill your clearomiser with e-liquid, you have to close the airflow. Once the recharge is done, the air inlet must be reopened. This prevents air from becoming trapped in the tank.

The air trapped in the clearomiser will expand under the effect of heat during the vaporization of the liquid. The pressure will therefore increase in the tank, pushing the cigarette liquid to escape through the air inlet, that is to say towards the low-pressure zone. Especially since the hotter it is, the more the liquid loses viscosity and therefore the easier it will be to find its way out of the clearomiser.

Hardware issues causing the leaks

If you have a resistance whose impedance is too high compared to the power of your box, you will have leaks. The coil will be underpowered and the liquid will not vaporize properly. So you will have leaks.

Also, check that the wick is not clogged. If this is the case, the liquid will also tend to flow through the base of the clearomiser. For those who have a rebuildable atomizer, remember to check that the wick contains enough cotton.

Do a complete check-up every week

If you are a regular vaper, you have to dismantle your equipment every week. In addition to wiping everything (coil, column, thread of the clearomiser), you must check the following points:

  • The state of the seals of the clearomiser
  • Wick quality
  • That the clearomizer is not too full
  • Do not put e-liquid in the chimney when filling (under penalty of flooding the atomization chamber)
  • Favour liquids with a PG/VG of 50/50 (more viscous than 80/20 for example)
  • That the resistance is well tightened during the reassembly

The gurgles and the rising of liquid come from a leak at the level of the base of the clearomiser. The presence of liquid in the column can also be due to careless filling. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, check that the resistor seals are in good condition and that the resistor is tight. Of course, the equipment must be inspected, dismantled and cleaned regularly.