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How to clean a clearomizer?

The central element of the vape, the clearomiser is the most requested part of the electronic cigarette. It is he who ensures the vaporization of your e-cigarette liquid. No wonder it gets dirty with use and time! Many of you regularly ask us this question: how to clean a clearomizer?

Answer in this article!

Why clean your clearomiser?

Regular cleaning of your clearomizer is necessary for several reasons. First of all, it helps extend the life of electronic cigarettes. Well maintained, the latter can be used for a long time, up to several years depending on its degree of use.

Likewise, the cleaning of your clearomiser is essential with each change of flavour of e-liquid to avoid parasitic tastes.

In addition, your electronic cigarette is exposed to dust and follows you wherever you go. The methodical maintenance of the clearomiser of your e-cigarette is a guarantee of good hygiene, essential for your daily vape! It’s time to move on to practice.

The method to properly clean your clearomizer

Cleaning a clearomizer is not rocket science. To do this, you need to follow several common-sense steps :

  • Start by separating the box and the clearomiser from your electronic cigarette.
  • Disassemble the different parts of the clearomiser: pyrex, drip-tip, top-cap, base…don’t forget to remove the resistor and put the O-rings aside so as not to lose them!
  • Clean the different parts of the clearomiser with clear, hot water: several baths may be necessary depending on the degree of clogging of your equipment.
  • Dry the parts separately by wiping them with a dry cloth, or paper towel or let them air dry.
  • Reassemble your clearomiser. It’s finished!

How often is a clearomiser cleaned?

You can clean your clearomiser every 2 or 3 weeks, and more generally at each change of resistance of your e-cigarette.

If your clearomiser is very dirty, you can add a little household alcohol or white vinegar to the hot water bath. This step may be necessary if you are vaping CBD E Liquids, Thick E Liquids rich in VG (Vegetable Glycerin), as well as certain Sweet or Gourmet Aromas.

How to maintain the other parts of your electronic cigarette?

  • The box: to protect an electronic cigarette box from dust, you can clean it using a damp cloth with a little rubbing alcohol. Take the opportunity to remove unwanted liquid residues on the thread with a cotton swab. These residues can also be responsible for an error message on your box.
  • The drip tip: for good hygiene, wash the drip tip as often as possible, every day if you can. For this, a simple pass with water with a drop of dishwashing liquid is enough. If you have many drip tips, suitable support will allow you to store them easily.

Finally, for the pros of the vape, know that there are ultrasonic cleaners that ensure optimal cleaning of your equipment. You can opt for this type of device if you have a large number of clearomisers to maintain.