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5 tips for choosing the right kit

That’s it! You have finally decided to switch to electronic cigarettes! Do not worry, you have made the right choice in your head, you just have to make the right choice in your purchase of a kit e-cigarette! Come on, we will not leave you like that … We give you our 5 best tips to guide you in your choice!

1- Do not buy your e-cigarette on a whim

It is not because she is pretty, stylish or classy that she will suit you! Currently, there is a very important choice of e-cigarette, you will first have to sort! Above all, you have to ask yourself some good questions, you will choose the design afterwards. What is most important to guide you in your choice is the classic cigarette smoker you were: an occasional smoker does not need the same equipment as a heavy smoker. Similarly, do you need to smoke all day or are you a smoker preferring certain time slots?

Do you prefer an e-cigarette the same size as a conventional cigarette or the clutter is not an important criterion for you? By asking you these questions, you will be able to define a range of products that suits you and there, you can let go of the design!

2- Primo-vapers: choose the ease!

There are two kinds of electronic cigarettes: “all in one” and customizable (adjustable). You can perfectly start the vape with a cigarette all in one: they are cheaper and will allow you to get used to change little by little. By choosing directly a customizable cigarette, you risk missing your settings and not appreciating the vape at its true value. That would be a pity, right?

3- Equipment adapted to heavy classic smokers

If you were a heavy smoker of conventional cigarettes, you will have to choose equipment adapted to your consumption, especially in terms of autonomy. It makes you a battery large enough not to leave you stranded, which could lead you to take a traditional cigarette to compensate. Also choose an electronic cigarette with a large tank, which will save you from having to recharge e-liquid too often.

4- E-liquid and wattage for a lot of steam

For fans of the smog-style London smog, you will have to take into account two things. First, choose an e-cigarette with a powerful wattage. Then know that liquids produce more or less steam. It is those with a high proportion of VG (vegetable glycerin) that will be most suitable for you.

5- Do not look too much at the price

Warning, we do not advise you to ruin yourself! We just say that you must know that the first purchase is a long-term investment and that it is not necessarily wise to buy equipment at a very low price that will have to be quickly changed. You must keep in mind during your first purchase that the cigarette has divided by 5 on average the tobacco budget of former smokers. Even by investing a little more the first time, you will quickly return on your expenses thanks to the savings that you will make then!