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As a beginner, it may seem difficult to find the right resistances adapted to your equipment.

The resistance, also called the atomizer head, is one of the most important parts of your electronic cigarette. This is the consumable part of your e-cigarette. It heats the e-liquid to turn it into vapour. Once used, the resistor must be replaced.

The different resistor materials

It is made up of two elements: a cotton fibre (wick) and a resistive (in the form of wire or metal strip). Depending on the flavour chosen by the vaper, the wick is soaked in e-liquid. There are several types of resistive wires and wicks depending on individual needs. In the past, the resistive wire was in Kanthal associated with absorbent material.

But currently, we can find resistive wires made of nickel chrome, stainless steel or even titanium. This is to allow your battery to perform better and to ensure better conductivity between the battery and the resistance.

As for the resistance wicks, the manufacturing materials for this component are constantly evolving: person wad, carded cotton, fiberglass, silica fiber, mesh, forty cotton, organic cotton, bacon cotton and fiber freaks.

The resistance value, a key parameter

Namely that the value of the resistance is expressed in Ohm. Vapers are mostly used to using coils below 1 ohm. In recent times, this value has never been lowered. Know that if the resistance is low, the heating time of your e-liquid becomes faster. Therefore, the resistance must always be well hydrated in e-liquid. To obtain a pleasant hit during your use, it is advisable not to overheat your resistance and space out your vaping sessions.

Finding the right resistances: what you need to know about its use

The resistance is in direct contact with the e-liquid, it undergoes very significant temperature variations: as a result, its lifespan can be limited. Therefore, the choice of resistance should not be made at random. It is strongly advised to opt for resistors that adapt to your equipment.

Adjust the power of your e-cigarette to your resistance

Moreover, to avoid incompatibility errors, atomizer manufacturers have designed dedicated resistors exclusively for their equipment. In any case, it is always important to properly adjust the power of your e-cigarette to the optimal operating value of the resistance you are using. For this, the ideal is to directly consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Note that there are certain models that themselves adjust the power of your electronic cigarette. The vaper no longer needs to perform calculations. For reference, electronic Mods are equipped with electronic protection preventing the vaper from using resistances that are too low. This is to prevent damage to your equipment.

As for mechanical MODs, the vaper must be able to regulate the power of the electronic cigarette to the optimal operating value of the resistance used. In any case, it is strongly advised not to make resistances lower than 0.5 Ohm.

Example :

  • A low resistance (≤ 0.8 Ohm) will require more power (expressed in Watt)
  • A high resistance (≥ to 1.5 Ohm) will require more Voltage (expressed in Volt)

A little practice to help you understand better:

  • With a resistance of 0.5 Ohm, it is necessary to provide a power of at least 15 W – 30 W. Thus, its voltage will be relatively low.
  • With a resistance of 1.8 Ohms, it is necessary to provide a power of 15 W maximum and a normal voltage.
  • With a resistance of 2.4 Ohms, a power of 10 W maximum must be supplied. Thus, its voltage will be relatively high.

Good to know :

  • So you have understood, if the resistance temperature is very high, the e-liquid risks degrading
  • Admittedly, the use of electronic cigarettes can reduce the risks faced with smoked tobacco for smokers, but the vapor can contain compounds harmful to health, especially when the e-liquid is very hot and the quantity of e-liquid in resistance is insufficient.

How do I know if the resistor needs to be changed?

To know if it is time to change your resistance, there are a few signs to check during your use.

  • Alteration of the flavour of the e-liquid
  • Persistent burnt taste
  • Decrease in the amount of steam

If any of its signs appear, it is better to change your resistance. Or, another way, why not check the condition of your resistance to make sure it is not too dirty. However, this method does not work every time, because with certain types of resistance the resistive wire and the cotton are not visible. The best method to know if it is time to change its resistance remains your feelings during use.

It should be known all the same that it is difficult to know the frequency of change of the resistance. It largely depends on the use of electronic cigarettes. In general, if you use your e-cigarette daily, it is advisable to change your resistance on average every fortnight or less.