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The mechanism to order heets online from our store is well-formed. It is standard: being registered on our site, follow a registration confirmation, log on to the site as a registered user, select your Heets online, add them to cart, and indicating the required quantity. The final step is to choose the delivery time, address. Send an order for processing. The order process takes a maximum of three to five minutes.

In conversations with our clients, we understood one thing: we should live with the thought of how sorry we are for the time spent on empty everyday activities. Indeed, the person who can spend less time on routine matters, including the purchase of Heets online, is truly happy and rich, and has the opportunity to use the time to chat with loved ones.

Here are simple calculations. Suppose you buy goods for a family on average 1 time per week. And this is the arrival (arrival) to the store, the choice of goods, standing in lines at the cash desk, loading the goods, transporting them home, and the layout of the goods. On average, this work will take you at least 3 hours. For the whole year it will be 3 hours x 52 weeks = 156 hours.

156 hours of time lost just to bring some goods back! Think about these numbers!

We look sadly at those people who have not understood why it is beneficial to shop heets online. Everyone has their own lifestyle.

It is your own choice, how and what to spend your free time on. But we find the online shopping reasonable to save your time.

Our statistics show that most of our clients are young people or families who work. They value their free time and are ready to use our service. These are engineers, businessmen, students and teachers, directors of firms and housewives. Separately, we note buyers for whom our online store is a significant help. These are people with disabilities, senior citizens, young mothers with babies.

We consider ourselves practical persons: we order products in the online store not only because we love it very much, or we like to use the Internet.

It is first of all profitable for us!