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Throat hit sensation and the eGo-W

Throat hit sensation and the eGo-W

If you’re a fan of throat hit, the eGo-W isn’t the ideal e-cigarette for you. The eGo-W produces a high volume of cool, soft vapor that is an essential part of strongly flavored e-liquids.

When combined with a Halo e-liquid, you may get, though, a strange nicotine sensation in throat and lungs.This company is known for 18 mg e-liquid, causing throat hit.

If you’ve tried another e-cigarette and found the vapor too strong with any e-liquid, the eGo-W might be worth experimenting at a certain moment of life. However, it may seem that most people want at least a bit of throat hit when they vape, and the eGo-W really does deliver it in a very special way. It is also difficult to recommend an e-cigarette that’s really only designed to work with one type of attachment.

Smokers need to know that they can use any atomizer or cartomizer anytime they want. Carrying out an experiment is fun, and you never know when something might come different that’s better than what you’re currently smoking.

The eGo-W battery will certainly work with other attachments, but you’ll lose the fashionable appearance that you get from using the Eliq cartomizer with the outer cover and pen cap. That is why, it is important to think about the impression you make when smoking certain types of e-cigarettes.