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Basic recipes of top vape flavors

Yes, e-juice wholesale suppliers offer a great number of e-liquid brands produced by various companies. But it is not a difficult task to make them yourself (vape flavors diy). And there are many benefits of this occupation.

First, the joy of creativity of top vape flavors. You can get an e-liquid with a taste that no one has tried before. And it will meet your needs. This concerns the amount of e-liquid nicotine, the taste and much more. You will feel like a real perfumer, an alchemist, and then you will recommend the received compositions to friends.

Second, despite the fact that the e-liquid ingredients must be purchased, as a result, such a liquid will cost much cheaper than any finished e-liquid wholesale product. It should be remembered that in many cases it is necessary to pay “for a brand”, that is, the products of a well-known company are sold at unreasonably high prices;

Thirdly, you will know that the manufacturers have not deceived you with the dosage and composition. All that is contained in the prepared liquid you put there with your own hands and in the amount that suited you.

The main ingredients for the preparation of the liquid are distilled water, glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavors.

Using plain water is a bad option. Because the impurities contained in it can significantly damage the taste of the liquid. Distillate will give fluid fluidity to better wet the fleece.

In the recipes, you will often find the abbreviation VG. It is just about glycerin, which is used, mainly in the food industry and the field of cosmetology. Buy glycerin is best in a special store for vapers. Preference is given to the German brands.

Owing to the propylene glycol, tastes are more fully manifested. When buying, pay attention to cleanliness. It should be almost 100%.

As for the nicotine, this is not a preference of all persons who use e-liquids.