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Cartridges and batteries of Relx, the best Juul alternative

best Juul alternativeCartridges of Relx, the best Juul alternative, are sealed in blisters, so that you cannot worry about extraneous smacks in the liquid. Depending on the taste, the lower plastic part has its own color. Guessing where Ice Mint is, and where Classic Tobacco is does not require special tricks.
The volume of this best Juul alternative cartridge is 2 ml, which is at the same time the maximum acceptable value for the European market and its limitations on TPD, and at the same time it is quite convenient with the existing strength of 3-5% nicotine. Naturally, salt, which is used in the vast majority of such devices. The manufacturer does not say anything about the ratio of components in the liquid, see, the secret of the company. The resistance is approx. 1.0 – 1.2 Ohms, which together with a narrow air supply opening gives a truly excellent (without exaggeration) cigarette puff.

This best Juul alternative battery part, in which the battery and a small board are located, has a metal case in one of the colors offered. The coating is pleasant, matte, as expected quickly covered with fingerprints, but very easy to wipe. For a week of careful use, it has not been scratched or peeled anywhere. On the front side, in addition to the indicator in the form of a drop, there is only a dull RELX inscription in white paint. There are no buttons on the case, this best Juul alternative device is triggered by an integrated puff sensor.
The battery pack has a small height and a flat shape, thanks to them the device fits easily into the shirt pocket and is comfortably held with your fingers, almost like a regular cigarette.

Two magnets can be found in the shift slot, which hold the cartridge in place, spring-loaded contacts and openings for the operation of the tightening sensor. Air intake occurs through two tiny holes at the edges of the case, they are invisible on a black device and are located so that it is almost impossible to block them by accident.