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There is a special pods for vape UK attractiveness

How are Pod systems attractive to the buyer? There is a special pods for vape UK attractiveness.
Each electronic cigarette with cartridges is easy to use. There is a special pods for vape UK attractiveness. Such pod systems do not require any settings and often do not have buttons at all – the automatic sensor is responsible for tightening. With a small capacity, they do not produce a large amount of vapor, allowing them to be used, for example, in the workplace or behind the wheel of a car.
Buying a pod system will be an excellent outlet for those who want to save money, because low power provides an extremely moderate flow rate, and the price of a cartridge does not exceed the price of a conventional evaporator.

All-in-one format device, 220 mAh battery, 0.7 ml is a special pods for vape UK attractiveness.
Pons Basic Kit is a special pods for vape UK attractiveness. Is a pod system in a compact classic design. It is a basic starter kit designed to facilitate the transition of smokers who are determined to give up addiction to alternative nicotine delivery systems.
Pons is a real legend. This pod system needed to star in a cult film instead of Will Smith. Few people with sufficient experience will not be able to remember these 4 characters of the English alphabet, which formed the name of the most popular tobacco replacement in the past. With Pons, the majority of experienced couple lovers who were young started their journey as newcomers in those distant times.

And then Pons returned to the market. In a new guise, with new features, updated cartridges, a built-in battery that supports charging from any USB connector.
This is the Pons Basic Kit, it’s not that one-time closed-type kit that did not last long, promised about a hundred puffs, lost taste after the first ten of them. The revived Pons is quite capable of giving a light to the most important heavyweights of the nicotine alternative delivery product market, it can easily compete for the attention of users with Juul, Myle, Relx, Suorin, setting the tone and direction for the vape industry in recent years.