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V2 Pro Series 7 and 9 Vaporizers

V2 Pro Series 7 and 9 Vaporizers

The Series 3 vaporizer is the first of three new APVs innovations from V2 Cigs within the next year. These vaporizers will use increasingly larger cartridges that, undoubtedly what we can tell won’t be interchangeable with any Series 3 hardware.

Should you wait to see if you need to have one of the more expensive, exclusive upcoming models? To our mind, you should really only wait if you’re already using a more expensive e-cigarette such as ProVari and aren’t intended to purchase vaporizing tobacco or solid nicotine products. We can predict that the V2 Pro Series 9 might end up becoming the first APV capable of fighting the ProVari, but it has to pass several months before we know that fact for sure.

AS we mentioned before, V2 Pro System is the new offered product by V2 Cigs. It comprises three very special and characteristic vaporizers. Series 3 is an e-liquid optimized vaporizer; Series 7 is a loose leaf optimized device and V2 Pro Series 9 is an essential oil vaporizer.

Each of the V2 Pro vaporizers is optimized for a certain application. But still, this does not indicate that the unit will work only for that very ingredient. V2 Pro Series 9, for example, might be unit for essential oils, but you can also use it with wax, loose leaf and e-liquid. Basically, V2 Pro gives you a three in one vaporizer so you absolutely have the notion what you spend your money for.

To sum it up, smoking of these products was very enjoyable. We cannot report anything bad about their functionality. The pen delivers great clouds of vapor while managing to vape dry flower perfectly. Smoking this e-cigarette, you can finally relax and enjoy it as much as possible. The construction of this is its main strong point for perfection.