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Why You Should not Buy Cheap E Cigarette?

Why You Should not Buy Cheap E Cigarette?

Really pressing question – what is the real price of electronic cigarettes and why some stores offer this device for ridiculous money, but others for incredible higher?

What is included in the standard e cigarette starter kit? As a rule, one or two e-cigarettes, charger, USB charger, case, instruction manual.

Under the guise of cheap electronic cigarettes are sold fakes – from inexpensive metal and plastic. Manufactured without technology observance, these electronic cigarettes are just a tube with a heater – no protection from overheating, no indicators of the charge level. Atomizer quickly breaks down, which forcing you to buy more and more new sets and other defective parts of e-cigarettes.

In fake, cheap electronic cigarette are poorly fitted its parts, in fact the tightness in this device is a considerable factor in its safety and long-term use. Consequently, the liquid evaporates from the cartridge uncontrollably, ends fast, penetrates into the smokers mouth, causing discomfort or burning the mucous membrane.
Furthermore, overheating of e-liquid in this devices doesn’t provide a true taste of a flavor blend. In case of e-liquid with nicotine the e cig smoker get a highest dose of nicotine, which also adversely affects the sensations from vaping and even can be harmful to health.

The batteries of cheap electronic cigarettes don’t tolerate high loads, require frequent charging ( at least 4 times a day). Naturally, their power is very limited, that again – affects the quality of “vaping.”

The final price of this “naughty” e-cigarette, which you will have to either repair, endlessly recharge, or simply change frequently its parts, becomes too high.
On the other hand, if you will look closely on promotional offers and compare the prices of the often advertised cigarettes and the similar ones not so advertised and promoted on the market, you will notice that for the advertised and promoted brand name you will pay more than 2 times much money.