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L88B E-Cigarette – its pros and cons

L88B E-Cigarette – its pros and cons

We always want to know what’s so special about our favorite brand of electronic cigarettes. As a result, L88B E-Cigarette is not exclusion. The main reason for buying the L88B e-cigarette is its size and price; it is the same size as a classic cigarette and only slightly heavier.

However, the weight makes it easy to store in your pocket or purse. The fact that you can buy an L88B e-cigarette kit at an accessible price makes e-smoking especially attractive and worth starting.

However, if you’ve never used an e-cigarette before and aren’t sure how you will tolerate it, if you run out of money then you can decide that e-cigarettes aren’t good for you. The L88B e-cigarette is also the ideal choice for social smokers, who don’t have the same necessity for nicotine as inveterate smokers who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

On the other hand, the L88B e-cigarette may not give an alternative to develop as an experienced smoker. If you decide that you want to start buying your liquids by the bottle and experimenting with other liquid delivery systems such as tanks and new types of cartomizers, you’ll find that these systems are much larger than the L88B battery.

You’ll also find that the L88B battery can’t power these other attachments reliably and doesn’t function well for dripping. Nevertheless, we should not exclude that the L88B e-cigarette is a fine choice for anyone who only smokes socially or smokes around half a pack of cigarettes per day. If you smoke more intensively you’re likely to want to upgrade. Everything depends on you, on your choice and cravings.