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What is Better to Smoke Tobacco Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes?

Smoke Tobacco Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes

The history of vaping (electronic cigarettes smoking) is very short. This phenomenon has only 10 years old. The device, which we now call the “electronic cigarette”, was invented in China. Electronic Cigarette – a device for nicotine consumption in an alternative form.

When a man use “nicotine gum” – the nicotine gets in the body through the mucous, gums, saliva into the stomach, and then – in the blood. While using the “nicotine patch” nicotine enters the blood through the skin. While using e-cigarettes containing nicotine vapor enters in the lungs, and then – in the blood as smoking usual tobacco cigarette.

The use of electronic cigarette for smoker is physically and psychologically more acceptable because, firstly, remains unchanged a familiar “ritual” of brought the “cigarette” in mouth, make a puff, exhale and drop the hand. Secondly, the steam from e-cigarettes and the smoke from usual tobacco cigarette – looks quite similar and the processes of evaporation (in e-cigarettes), and smoking (in usual cigarette) are almost indistinguishable. Third, by using e-cigarettes you do not have to “re-learn” or getting used to something completely new, because occurs the habitual to smoker inhaling process.

The use of electronic cigarettes – this is of course, worse than not to smoking at all. Because for anyone the body stimulation with nicotine is not a natural necessity. Propensity to consume nicotine (a traditional smoking is only one form from the other different of it consumption) is based on nicotine addiction, on acquired nicotine addiction. If it is possible (and it always is) to get rid of nicotine addiction – it will be the best solution.

But if we will compare the use of electronic cigarettes with traditional smoking (tobacco cigarettes) – here, too, everything will be just as obvious. Vaping (use of e-cigarettes) is less harmful than smoking “traditional” cigarettes.