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Premium e-juice brandsAmong the traditional vape juice brands list with premium e-juice brands, which are marketed via e-liquid wholesale, there are such top vape flavors as raspberries, strawberries, banana, vanilla or even rafaello. As you can guess, the tastes are not purely fruit, but imitate milkshakes with appropriate additives. It is surprising that each of e-liquid brands something unique. Tastes are the same, but the composition of e-liquid ingredients of similar premium fruit juice brands is always specific.

Let’s start with Raspberry. This is a raspberry milkshake. Do not wait for any extreme sweetness. If you try the liquid without knowing the composition, you will not suspect that these are raspberries for a long time. It’s not because the taste is of poor quality. People have not got used to consume raspberries so.

Banana. Delicious. Prepare for the fact that you will smell a cheap premium vape juice for a long time after you have started to vape. No throat hits. Banana cream is what this e-juice will remind. Delicate sweet aroma with a caramel aftertaste. The best smell, top among other banana analogues of vape flavors without nicotine.

Raffaello. The taste of candies, astounding effects, including the throat-hit. These wholesale e-juice flavors can be liked by those who love the tastes of cocoanuts. When vaping, you can directly feel the taste of the cream and delicate creamy nut.

Strawberry. It’s difficult to find vape juice flavors list with different variation of strawberries with cream. Such e-liquid will be delicious, sweet and sour. Throat hit is the average between raspberries and rafaello.

Vanilla. Another yogurt taste! It’s exactly vanilla Danissimo. For mx, second place after raspberry. It’s sweet, like vanilla cream and a little milk chocolate. He gives a dulled caramel.

Order this and other liquids you can try them in vape-shops. All liquids can be tried.