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No Vapor: Boge or Smok Tech Cartomizer types

No Vapor: Boge or Smok Tech Cartomizer types

If you are using a third-party cartomizer that you bought and filled yourself, the solution depends on the very type of cartomizer.

If you’re using a Boge or Smoktech-style cartomizer with cotton filling, it’s most probably that the top of the filling is wet but the e-liquid isn’t getting to the bottom. Using a syringe or needle tip bottle cap for filling is really useful for this as it makes it possible to force the e-liquid come into contact with the heating coil.

If you are using a CE2 cartomizer with a top-mounted heating coil, you may not have a better way except for throwing it away and trying a new one unless it does not bother you “to make little cartomizer surgery”.

If you disassemble a CE2 cartomizer, you’ll find two small openings through which wicks deliver liquid to the coil. If the cartomizer is full, the wicks aren’t functioning properly. Some claimed to be successful in enlarging the two wick openings or by “feathering” the ends of the wicks gently with a knife.

Decide what the best way for you to act is. The main thing you have to be satisfied with the result achieved. If it takes too much times, gets too complicated and messy, you should better avoid it.