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Menthol Burst as the best Volcano Liquid

Menthol Burst as the best Volcano Liquid

Menthol Burst is the only Volcano liquid that is absolutely necessary to be smoked once a certain period. Even if you don’t think that you like menthol e-liquids, this one might make you think twice because it’s the only menthol e-liquid that gives you a really strong blast of menthol without having a sensation of a cough drop.

You might consider that you’ve had some pretty strong menthol e-liquids, but nothing will satisfy you after you’ve tried Menthol Burst. You will feel an incredible freshness and uniqueness right from the very start of your smoking.

This E-Liquid provides a Menthol Burst throughout your mouth, which is what the name of the flavor suggests. If you could imagine vaping a breath mint, this would indicate that this flavor is namely for you. It has a very high level of menthol and a neutral mint flavor that combines well with other e-liquids. An experienced smoker may try many e-juices and other cessation methods but this one has consistently been awesome and fulfilling.

Of course, you can try from time to time something else just to enrich your smoking experience but this will always remain your best flavor good in good and in bad times. It will be something that cannot be replaced with the time.