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E-commerce is one of the fastest growing markets. In 2018, its growth was 16.8% in Europe and 14% worldwide. A special research showed that in the same year, more than half of online shoppers purchased 5 to 20 items online. Such popularity is due to the fact that buying online is convenient, profitable and fast. The IQOS Canada e-commerce is booming as well.

Today you can make purchases with the help of online stores, classifieds, marketplaces and social media. These are usual instruments of the IQOS Canada e-commerce with just one exception. About sixty five percent of Canadian online buyers prefer to place orders to domestic online stores only.

Because in such a saturated environment as the number of internationally active web promoters, it is easy for a consumer to get lost and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a reliable seller from an unscrupulous one. However, there are characteristics that will help you quickly understand the seriousness of a person’s intentions on the other side of the screen. No matter whether it is located in Canada or outside the country.

1. Focus on the average market price

Sellers know that the cost of goods is the first thing that the buyer pays attention to, therefore they often manipulate the monetary valuation of products. Too tempting offers should be called into question, and ads where the price does not correspond to the state should not be taken into account. The Internet makes it possible to monitor the value of any product in minutes, so we recommend that you carefully study the market and focus on the average market price before making a purchase decision.

2. Prepayment Terms

If you do not conclude an agreement with the seller for the first time and have already established communication with him, then it is safe to make an advance payment. It is better not to trust unfamiliar sellers who immediately ask for a deposit. It is safer to pay when you receive the goods, see them and hold them in your hands.

But these precautions are not necessary to work with our online store. Just having a contact with us, you will see that we are scrupulous and trust us from the first moment.